I'm happy to share that my music soul mate (MSM) is back with a new shop and new stuff! Annunziata Macchi has opened floorplan. and brings you cute mesh things! It's pretty small right now - just a little shop on The Nest sim and just a few items to offer, but I'm sure we'll see more soon! (PRESSURE) 

There's a cute little A-frame sign which comes in a version that includes cute sayings...OR a version where you can upload your own texture to apply any words you want! Oddly enough, the "elle is awesome" text is included in the sign and was not uploaded by me. (that may be a lie.)

There are also precious color-change endtables (with a few more colors than I've shown here):

...and these really sweet little message boards:

The message boards are also color-change and message-change...or again, you can upload your own texture to apply to the chalkboard. ♥

See it all at floorplan. [SLurl]

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