I'm tardy in talking to you guys about Pilot, a new home & garden shop from Kaz Nayar. He's released a few items already for special events, I believe, but his shop doesn't officially open until this Saturday. That's happening Sat at 7PM SLT, there will be cool stuff there, and I always encourage you to go wherever there is cool stuff...so you know what to do.

What I've seen so far from Pilot is great mesh, slightly whimsical and offbeat, and definitely masculine...but not like macho or anything...just great stuff for boys who want cool spaces. We need more of that. And of course this is great for girls, too, because we can rock anything. RIGHT?!?!

Here's a peek at what you'll find at Pilot's grand opening this weekend!

Pilot [SLurl]

Grand Opening / Sat Aug 25 / 7PM SLT

(PS - I think a few of these items may already be available, but definitely not all of them. Some are part of a new release that won't be available until the grand opening.)

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