Hm, look at that. November already.

That means we're coming up on new iterations of our favorite monthly events. The first to kick off is the new round of FaMESHed, now bigger and better! They've got a new gorgeous build, and they've added more designers, AND they've got a lot of stuff that you need. Yes, you.

For example, you need this bed.

*item credits listed below

Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil has seriously been rocking it with her mesh creations for a while now - as well documented on this blog - and I really love all the beds she's come out with lately. The Barrel Bed is available at FaMESHed this month and is seriously amazing.

Lots of textures available, and lots of fun animations (there's a PG version and an Adult version *winkwink*). Also, probably the best satin texture I've ever seen EVER:

Shiny. ♥

Pick up the Barrel Bed at this month's FaMEShed! [SLurl]

*credits for the items seen in the first pic:

Bed: Barrel Bed - Trompe Loeil

Bench: Baroque Bench - Trompe Loeil

Art print: Millesime Baignoire Poster Blindfold - Cheeky Pea

Vase and deco boxes: Prosperity Sake Jar and Red Lacquered Boxes - POST

Papers on the floor: Pride & Prejudice Manuscript and Jack's Manuscript - floorplan.

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