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I am so excited to see some new home & garden stuff from NOTsoBAD!! Emilie Freund and the NsB team have been pretty busy with mesh clothes recently...which is awesome...but I did miss seeing their handiwork with mesh houses and furniture. NOW I HAVE BEEN SATISFIED.

NOTsoBAD has recently released a new prefab, and I'll tell ya - this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while! It's like two prefabs in one -- the Charly Lobby - a fancy lobby complete with mailboxes and an elevator...AND you can rez the Ines Skybox (up to 6 apartment skyboxes) right off of the lobby! I LOVE THIS IDEA. If I had 6 friends, I would ask them to move in. Maybe.

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The elevator doesn't actually work - I was so hoping it did -- but it does look great. So, once you rez the lobby, as seen above, you've got two doors on each floor. Just click the doorbell/button outside the door and ta da!! A gorgeous apartment rezzes right inside that very same door!

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Beautiful mesh and wonderful lights and shadows all over the place. ♥ It's big enough to give you a lot of freedom in decorating, but not so big that it feels cold. It comes with a surround so you can look out the window onto other buildings. Also, you can derez the lobby part and the rezzed apartments will stay in place, so you can have just a really nice skybox if you don't want to have the lobby permanently rezzed. LOVE.

Charly Lobby and Ines Skybox available now at NOTsoBAD! [SLurl]

*credits for the first pic:

Sofa, coffee table - NOTsoBAD

Coffee pot/mugs, guitar, wood art print, rug, wood shelf with art - {what next}

Entertainment center, end table and accessories, bed, snake plant - MudHoney

Bedside table/accessories - Dutchie

Chair with branches - *Art Dummy!

Picture cage - The Loft

Lamp (on entertainment center) - Apple Fall

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