This month, SUYS turns 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'! We're going to celebrate December with gorgeous wintry white color schemes!

To beat the holiday rush, our SUYS weekend will be Dec 15-16, so be sure to check back here on that weekend for all the info on our participating shops!


**Important Announcement**

HoneyLicious Spaces has decided to make December the last month of SUYS. We've had an amazing time doing this every month for the past (almost) 3 years -- THREE YEARS!! When we started SUYS, there really wasn't any sort of recurring event for home and garden, and home and garden was just not included in "fashion" events. Now look at us!! H&G is everywhere, in all the great events!! We've come a long way!!

We give so, so many thanks to all of the SUYS designers who have participated over the years. This event would never have taken off like it did if we didn't have the best of the best to make it awesome.

And speaking of awesome, a multitude of thanks goes out to our faithful SUYS shoppers! We've loved seeing the excitement of our SUYSers each month -- it's been so great to know how much you looked forward to each month's event, and we would never have lasted this long without your support! ♥

Thank you all so much, and have a great time with December's SUYS!!

- HoneyLicious Spaces (Rayvn Hynes, Amaliscious Destiny, Elle Kirshner)

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