Oh, Collabor88. I ♥ you.

We've got more great prefabs at Collabor88 this month. It's become like the best real estate agent in town!

From Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil is the Frostbite Cottage. This is so amazingly precious - like something out of a fairy tale!

blog fancy trompe

*extra trees are from Trompe Loeil and Botanical

I want to live there with, maybe, 3 fuzzy bears and perhaps, say, someone made of gingerbread.

blog trompe 2

blog trompe 1The Frostbite Cottage is available in a few different colors, and there are also the loveseats and club chairs available in several color options. You need this to get through the long cold winter!!

For you city-folks, we've got the Snowy City Loft from Barnesworth Anubis. City loft chic!

blog fancy barnes

*Bohemian Holiday Tree from *Art Dummy!

The Snowy City Loft is set up with a surround to give you that gorgeous city view outside that amazing window. There's also a snow maker included for beautiful softly-falling snow all the time. ALL THE TIME SNOW! ♥

blog barnes 2

blog barnes 1I really like the kitchen and its open-concept design. I'd like to see more texturing and shadows in the kitchen walls, but I love the contrast of the brick in the little alcove. Really, I love the brick everywhere - I'm a big fan. This is a great space for decorating -  no walls, no limits! ♥

Both prefabs are available right now at Collabor88!! [SLurl]

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