I hereby deem January 2013 as "holy crap, who knew back in 2006 when I started SL that we would ever have furniture like this" month...because the awesome just keeps on coming.

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Where to start?? Okay, here: that gorgeous living room set is another amazing set from Isla Gealach and Cheeky Pea - the Ansel Living Room. It's available right now at Collabor88, and you need to check it out. Beautiful textures and lovely accessories...and that shelf you see over the fireplace with all the frames? One of my favorite random pieces of wall art ever. I love stuff like that.

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That amazing dart board is also from Cheeky Pea, and is currently available at The Men's Dept, along with that bitchin' Wayfarer Mirror from my music soul mate, Tegan Serin and floorplan. ♥

Let's take a closer look at the skybox that was my setting for that first pic. That's the newest from my pal Barnesworth Anubis - the Sodermalm Loft. I have given Barnes a hard time for years about his textures and wanting to see more depth and shading. He messaged me last month to tell me that he's been working on his mesh skills and really focusing on baked textures...and, my friends, his hard work has absolutely paid off. ♥

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Yay! It's subtle, and I love it! Great definition around the walls and the floors -- Barnes has a distinct style that I've loved for years and the extra shading just gives it some oomph!! Pick up the Sodermalm right now at Collabor88!

Collabor88 [SLurl]

The Men's Dept [SLurl]

*credits for the first pic

couch, chair, coffee table, console table, shelf with frames, candles, bird cage candles, terrarium - Ansel Living Room - Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach) home/love signs, vases, candles on tray, wicker baskets - part of White Wood Entertainment Center - Alouette (Scarlet Chandrayaan) accessory boxes - Second Spaces (Elle Kirshner) table and accessories (in the corner) - Murrow Table - PILOT (Kaz Nayar) Kraken Dart Board - Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach) Wayfarer Mirror - floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Allison Zebra Rug - MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes) Skybox - Sodermalm Loft - [ba] (Barnesworth Anubis)

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