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I'll be honest: I don't think about curtains that often. That holds true in RL as well as SL. BUT - I do absolutely acknowledge that they can really finish a room, and therefore I support them. I've seen some really great mesh curtains come out recently, and I definitely support those. So does Maxwell Graf of Rustica. BAM - that's a blog intro.

Max sent me his latest release, which just happens to be a full set of very lovely, detailed, and customizable mesh curtains. What's that? Customizable? Hells yes. Max has provided a full set that includes swag and side panels and gathered drapes and sheer panels and lace panels...and I think that's it. What's awesome is that you can use all those pieces together, or just the ones you want. Like if you just want a simple window treatment, no problem, just grab those side panels. Or you can go all fancy like I did in the pic above. What's more awesome is that the curtains are just textured with the baked shadows -- so you can just go into edit mode and select a color and BAM - lovely depth and shadows on curtains that are the exact color you want. Even more awesome than that awesome is that Max has included those shadow textures separately, so you can get even fancier and use them in Photoshop to apply over your own texture. That + that + this + that = endless options.

Max has also included a bunch of lovely mesh curtain rods with great finials - so one more thing to really dress up those windows.

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Join the curtain revolution (I just made that up) at Rustica! [SLurl]

Oh, and see that cute little vase of branches with the dangly heart, up in the first pic? That's available (and so is the rug) right now from Rayvn Hynes and MudHoney, at her location on The Nest. It's available as part of the Valentine's Day Gift Event where a bunch of Nest merchants have awesome transferrable gifts available for Valentine's Day! Be sure to wander around the sim to check it out!

MudHoney at The Nest [SLurl]

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curtains, sheers, rods: Rustica (Maxwell Graf) loose paper: floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Valentine branches: MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes) Rug: MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes) Skybox: Trompe Loeil (Cory Edo)

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