One of the most exciting items at this month's Arcade, in my opinion, is the Teardrop Trailer from Tegan Serin and floorplan. I'm a little biased, sure, since Tegan is my music soul mate, but seriously - look at this preciousness!

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That's just one of the cutest things in all of ever. It's available in a ton of gorgeous colors that you can try for in the gacha machine, including a few rare options that include a lovely blanket draped across the roof - perfect for gazing up at the stars. The trailers all come with a few cute animations for you, your pals, and your close pals. Perfection!

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Also at the Arcade are the Anywhere Lawn Chairs from Winter Thorn and {what next}. These are so nostalgic to me -- if you're old like I am, you remember the days when these were the chairs that everyone had. They left terrible marks on the backs of your legs, and that's what summer was all about. Right? Anyway, you can play for these at the Arcade - the coolest thing about them is that they truly are "anywhere" chairs. They're meant to be worn as an attachment so that you always have somewhere to sit, even when you can't rez a chair. Love it! (Please note these aren't able to be used as just, you know, regular chairs. You can rez them as props, like I did for the picture, but you can't sit in them. The sitting only works when you're wearing them.)

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That great campfire and cooking stand is from Froukje Hoorenbeek and Dutchie. She's got a great mesh set with the campfire, firepit, some lovely logs for sitting around the fire - a great set for your outdoor spaces!

Pick up your Teardrop Trailer and Anywhere Chair at Arcade, from now until March 31!! [SLurl]

Light your fire at Dutchie! [SLurl]

*credits for first pic:

camper: floorplan. - teardrop trailer (Tegan Serin) lawn chair: {what next} - The Anywhere Lawn Chair (Winter Thorn) campfire, cooking stand, firepit: Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek) tiki fruit & drink plate. beer cooler, surfboard:  Headhunter’s Island (Eduardos Ducatillon)