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There's a new home & garden event in town that kicks off today - The Garden, sponsored by The Liaison Collaborative. ♥

There are 22  lovely designers participating in this month's theme of English Garden Party - you can see the list over at TLC's website. Really, though, you should head on over to The Garden itself because ohmygoodness, what a gorgeous build!

*photo from Isla Gealach's Flickr

I'll be showing you lots more from this great event over the next few weeks (the event runs from now until May 10), but today, let's talk about what Second Spaces (that's me!) has brought to The Garden! The English Garden set, seen in the first pic of the post, has a lovely weathered wood table, vintage metal and wood lawn chairs, and hand-thrown clay pots for your gardening needs. The tables (with and without pots) and chairs are sold separately so you can mix & match the colors to your heart's desire!! There's also an additional pack of pots that are great for giving your garden that lived-in look.

Check it all out at The Garden! [SLurl]

english garden_pink salmon chair pack_promo english garden_pots_promo english garden_salmon table pack_promo english garden_teal mint chair pack_promo english garden_teal table pack_promo english garden_white chair pack_promo english garden_white table pack_promo

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