blog 1I meant to tell you guys about this before now, but I was on vacation this past week and everything else just got pushed to the side. PUSHED. Now I'm back home and catching up, so...

Hey!! Check this out!!

Jessyca Teardrop, who owns and created the super cute Vintage Vinyl location, has opened a thrift shop and invited some of her favorite designers to fill it up! This isn't a special sales event or bargain prices, but it is a really lovely little spot to do some one-stop shopping! There's fashion as well as lots of home decor, and it's a wonderful place that you really must check out.

blog 2

blog 3I've got a few Second Spaces items set out at the Thrift Shop, and I know there are lots of items from PILOT, floorplan., and fri.home - and more that I can't even remember. I think Jessyca is planning to rotate different designers in every now and then, so definitely keep checking back to see what you can find!!

Thrift Shop at Vintage Vinyl [SLurl]

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