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There are SO MANY amazing events going on right now, or about to go on, or about to end - just a lot of activity! Home Expo is in full swing...The Arcade is about to kick off...but don't forget one of our favorite monthlies: Collabor88! In progress right now!!

Over at C88, Kaz Nayar and PILOT have the perfect little outbuilding for your back garden: the Garden Shed. Great mesh work, as always, and wonderful texturing.

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blog 2The Rain Barrel and the Water Hose - both of which I absolutely love - and the Potted Plant Shelves are available at C88 along with the shed. The Garden Tools and the Garden Supplies were offered for FLF a few weeks ago...I don't think those are available at C88, but hopefully can still be purchased at regular price in Kaz's main store.

Seriously, the barrel and the hose are amazing. ♥ Also, Barrel & Hose would be a great name for a pub.

Check it out at Collabor88 [SLurl] and at the PILOT main store [SLurl]

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shed: PILOT - Garden Shed (Kaz Nayar)

Outside: chair: {what next} - The Anywhere Lawn Chair (Winter Thorn) pots (on the ground): Second Spaces - English Garden pots (Elle Kirshner) crate with pots and fertilizer: PILOT - Garden Supplies (Kaz Nayar) bucket: POST - Bucket of Autumn Orchard Apples (Van Auster) boots: [Gos] - Wellingtons (Gospel Voom) spigot: POST - Old Garden Spigot (Van Auster) star: POST - Ely Roadside Star (Van Auster) trash bags: Dutchie - gift: trash (Froukje Hoorenbeek) barrel: PILOT - Rain Barrel (Kaz Nayar) hose: PILOT - Water Hose (Kaz Nayar)

Inside: tools: PILOT - Garden Tools (Kaz Nayar) plants on shelves: PILOT - Potted Plant Shelves (Kaz Nayar) open book: POST - Antique Ornithologial Text (Van Auster) spilled potting soil & pot, seed packets: Second Spaces - part of Uncle Hank's Potting Shed (Elle Kirshner) pots on table and on cabinet: Second Spaces - English Garden pots (Elle Kirshner) books on upper shelf: Second Spaces - Messy Bookshelf books (Elle Kirshner) glass bottles: POST - Trio of Salvaged Glass Bottles (Van Auster) storage boxes (on shelf): The Loft - Storage Box Old Map (Colleen Desmoulins) baskets: {af} - Wicker Basket (Apple Fall) wooden horse: PILOT - Its a horse (Kaz Nayar) boxes (on floor): Tartessos Arts - Boxes (Nico Griffith) bags of fertilizer: Second Spaces - part of Uncle Hank's Potting Shed (Elle Kirshner) cabinet (under window): Second Spaces - bennie small chest (Elle Kirshner) English Garden stacked pots

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