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There's a new house available at reBourne - the Geneve. I was invited to a sneak preview so I was able to snap a few pics. Like all the houses from designer Danny Bourne, the Geneve has gorgeous textures and amazing shadow and light. (SL shadows are NOT turned on for any of these pics.) It's a smaller house, which really keeps it feeling cozier than a lot of modern-style houses do. The use of so much wood texturing lends a lot of warmth to it, as well. 

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I also love the added detail of the trees "reflected" in the windows. That's a very subtle touch that's really very pleasing to the eye.  If you look closely at all the windows, you'll see that there are subtle reflections everywhere - from the inside, you can see the interior reflected. That's serious attention to the detail.

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Also, is it me, or does that shower wall look totally realistic? It's a gorgeous shower anyway, but that stone wall is just amazing. 

The Geneve is available now at reBourne - go see! [SLurl

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