*pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post

I do work from home in RL, which I love. I adore my little home office, but I would totally exchange it for this SL office in a heartbeat. ♥ 

The desk and shelves are new from Sho Kenin and Standby, available at Collabor88 this month. I'm a big fan of everything Sho makes, and this set makes me happy. Great industrial styling, really fun accessories, and excellent construction. You need this.

See the Standby set at Collabor88! [SLurl

*pic credits

**items available at Collabor88

  • desk: Standby Inc. - Huckleberry Desk (Sho Kenin) **
  • chair: Standby Inc. - Industrial Chair (Sho Kenin) **
  • desk lamp: Standby Inc. - Industrial Lamp (Sho Kenin) **
  • metal basket with rolled paper: PILOT - Rolled Paper Rack (Kaz Nayar) **
  • shelves: Standby Inc. - Sawyer Shelf (Sho Kenin) **
  • standing speakers: floorplan. - drive-in speaker (Tegan Serin) *The Men's Dept
  • framed drawings: PILOT & JIM - Framed Buck, Bear, Wolf (Kaz Nayar/Celest Forway) **
  • open box (in the corner): Standby Inc. - Box Bin (Sho Kenin) **
  • storage boxes, books on top: Second Spaces - messy bookshelf (Elle Kirshner)
  • wine bottle lights: .encore. - Wine Light (Alixxbella Resident)
  • hanging lamp: AF - Edi's Lamp (Apple Fall) *The Men's Dept
  • art print: MudHoney - Eva Art (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • books, bowl (on bottom shelf): MudHoney - Eva Books (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • papers, paper weights, pencil sharpener, books (2nd shelf): Standby Inc. (Sho Kenin) **
  • ashtray with cigars: Second Spaces - ezra ashtray (Elle Kirshner)
  • house: Scarlet Creative - Woodsman Cottage (Charlotte Bartlett)

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