*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

I've been a fan of Scarlet Creative and designer Charlotte Bartlett for as long as I can remember. Her houses are always so very interesting and well done - modern, but with a little quirkiness that I really enjoy. For a long time, her primary aesthetic for her houses was a very definite white palette, which made perfect sense with her sleek lines. Her past few releases, though, are going in a different direction, and I LOVE IT. We're seeing a lot more wood and mix of textures - still a neutral palette but with so much more depth. PLEASE DO THIS ALWAYS, CHARLOTTE. ♥

The house above is the Neva Captain House, available right now at Collabor88. Great textures, as mentioned, and a fun layout. It's kind of a split-level feel, with cozy spaces for living, dining, office, and even bathroom - there's a lovely sunken tub built right in. I love all the curves in this build, too - the roof line and the arch, with those lovely oversized windows, are all very pleasing to the eye.

Check out the Neva Captain House right now at Collabor88! [SLurl]

*pic credits:

  • house: Scarlet Creative for Scarlet Apple - Neva Captain House (Charlotte Bartlett)
  • grass: Turnip's - Long Dry Grass (Turnip Sorbet)
  • trees, underbrush: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

outdoor furniture/decor:

  • cafe table, chairs: fri.home - cafe table set (Darling Monday/Tegan Serin)
  • outdoor sink: +ILO+ - Garden Basin (Zozo Raven)
  • buckets: POST - Old Water Well Pail (Van Auster)
  • caramel apples: floorplan. - caramel apple platter (Tegan Serin)
  • cake stand: Culprit - Petit Cakestand (Eku Zhong)
  • drinks: floorplan. - crate of pumpkin ale (Tegan Serin)
  • water hose: PILOT - Water Hose (Kaz Nayar)
  • shelves: PILOT - Potted Plant Shelves (Kaz Nayar)

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