*pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post

It is a new month, but thankfully The Garden is still on until the 10th! That gives you a little over a week to fulfill all your lodge-y needs. 

Winter Thorn and {what next} have a super adorable camping set available for you - that tent is just perfection. The set includes a sleeping bag and camp chairs and logs for sitting and really cute accessories and that great metal firepit - everything you need for a weekend communing with nature.  (Watch out for bears.)

Those chairs are also available at The Garden from Wavie Haller and Consignment - it's a great adirondack-style chair with a fun and unexpected twist of using the recycled boards for the back (skis? snowboards? no idea, but they're cute). That bathtub is also also available at The Garden, offered by River Stromfield and 11th Hour. I love that all these pieces from different designers work together so well! Yay for themes! Yay for great designers! Yay for bears!

Find most of this stuff at The Garden! [SLurl

 *pic credits:

**items available at The Garden 

  • tent, campfire, log bench: {what next} - Pine Ridge set (Winter Thorn) **
  • chairs: Consignment - Montane Slingback Chair (Wavie Haller) **
  • crates: {what next} - Pine Ridge Crate Table (Winter Thorn) **
  • bathtub: 11th Hour - Everett Bathtub (River Stromfield) **
  • mounted bear head: .:Standby Inc. - Faux-idermy - Momma Bear (Sho Kenin) **
  • sleeping bag: {what next} - Pine Ridge Double Sleeping Bag (Winter Thorn) **
  • books (in tent): floorplan. - book clutter (Tegan Serin)
  • lanterns, mug, kettle, cooking pot: {what next} Pine Ridge set (Winter Thorn) **
  • beer crate and bottles: Vespertine - beer crate (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • water pump: POST - Askov Water Well Pump (Van Auster)
  • basket of apples: Trompe Loeil - Apple Basket (Cory Edo) **
  • marshmallows: Cheeky Pea - S'mores Camp Marshmallow Roaster (Isla Gealach)
  • string lights: Cheeky Pea - S'mores Camp Lights (Isla Gealach)
  • bear family: Sculpty Creations Animals - grizzly family (Jon Haskell)
  • grass, groundcover: Heart Garden (Lilith Heart)
  • trees, underbrush: Botanical (Kriss Lehman)


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