The December round of The Men's Dept starts today!

vintage shoe shine_vendor.jpg
craig tables_vendor.jpg

Second Spaces has two new sets for this round of TMD. The Vintage Shoe Shine set is perfect for...well, staying shiny...and it's also great clutter decor for your space. You know how I love the clutter and will force it upon you until the end of time. I've also got the Craig Tables - a very manly set of stacking tables, all wood and metal, great for manly men (and everyone else). The set includes a solo table so you can stack and arrange it any way you want, and also includes 2 pre-arranged stacks for quick and easy decorating. I'm only thinking of your convenience. ♥

The shoe shine set is just 100L, and the table set is just 125L, only for the duration of The Men's Dept event (Dec 5 - 31)!!

The Men's Dept [SLurl]

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