The September round of The Arcade is open! It's the one year anniversary of this amazing gacha festival and there are a ton of amazing things to be had!! From Second Spaces, I've got the Craft Rom set -- I'm really proud of this set ♥ and it's full of fun, cute, crafty supplies to dress up your spaces! My machine is 75L per play - there are 10 items in the set: 8 commons and 2 rares.

arcade_craft room_1024x1024 GACHA KEY.jpg

The Arcade is gonna be packed for a few days - the main location is here: [SLurl]

If you want to try off-sim cam shopping, then try the Gacha Galley: [SLurl]



ALSO - The Nest sim is having a Labor Day sale from Sept 1 - 7; participating shops have a sign out front. Second Spaces is participating, and I've marked a bunch of stuff down by 50%! My sale items aren't physically marked, but if you hover over them, you'll see *SALE 50%* in the description -- that's how you know. :) There are some great deals there!

Shop the sale at my main store on The Nest! [SLurl

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