*pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post


Kaz Nayar of Pilot has released the cutest candy EVER - The Candy Bar set - for The Arcade. It's an amazingly precious and detailed set - there are candy twists and lollipops and chocolate covered pretzels and candy dots and jordan almonds and super cute signs and precious display tables - you will require them all.

That super cute hot air balloon is also available at The Arcade. It's from floorplan. and my music soulmate Tegan Serin, and it's available in oh-so-many adorable colors and patterns. It's meant to be worn, actually, and lets you float around instead of walk. Walking is for suckas. 

Get all this stuff at The Arcade! [SLurl

*pic credits

  • all the things pretending to be trees and foliage and pebbles: PILOT - Candy Bar set (Kaz Nayar)
  • hot air balloon: floorplan. - hot air balloon (Tegan Serin)
  • otter: !O - Sea Otter pet (Anya Ohmai)

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