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You guys know I usually like to do a bit of "set dressing" when I have a house or skybox to show you - I like to show the possibilities with the space. HOWEVER, with the Ciaran Skybox from Llorisen, I felt like any extra details would detract from the awesomeness of this space. I SHALL NOT DETRACT.

As far as I know, Llorisen is a fairly new shop. Designer Elsa Wellesley has a shop on The Pea with really just a tiny little inventory so far...a few decor items, and this amazing skybox. I really like the layout of the Ciaran, and I lovelovelove the details of the built-in window seat and the rug on the steps. Gorgeous. What blows me away the most, though, is the perfect light and shadow that Elsa achieved in her textures. To be clear, I am NOT using any sort of SL shadows in these pics. I'm using my standard windlight, which is the Avatar Opt2 Whiter (or something like that), which is like total full bright, no shadows anywhere. (This is why I want all the things to have shading baked in.) The only tool I used when I took these pics was the SL depth of field function. Everything else is exactly what you see here. Know how sometimes designers will show pictures of their items as renders from Maya or Blender, etc? And they look amazing, but then not always exactly as amazing once you see them in SL? This skybox looks like a render come to life in SL. Says me.

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The house comes with a HUD to change the textures on the rug and on the window seat cushions. It also lets you turn on/off the patches of sunlight on the floor, like in that last picture. This space has so much room for lots of creative decorating, without feeling overwhelming or cold. I may decorate it just for fun for my own enjoyment, and that NEVER happens.

My hope is that this is just the first of many skyboxes, and (more) hopefully full houses, that we'll see from Llorisen. Fingers crossed!

Visit Llorisen on The Pea [SLurl]


**OH! I just noticed on Elsa's profile that she's retiring everything in February. :( So be sure to get over there quick-like!**

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