***UPDATE*** Tag! Haunted Studio has opened early and is open now!! Get going!

Hi! Second Spaces is excited to be part of the TAG! Gacha Haunted Studio event starting at 11:30PM SLT tonight and running through Oct 31. It's a HUD-driven gacha experience with 50 participating shops -- please check their blog for more info about the event, a link to the starting location, and how to play: http://taggacha.com/how-to-play/

My gacha set is the Monster's Study -- even monsters need a place to get away and study their craft. The set is made up of:

- barred door: to discourage folks from coming in...OR GETTING OUT
- apothecary chest: a quaint repurposed piece with lots of little drawers and cubbies for storing the things most important to you...like murder weapons. And your diary. Etc.
- self-help bookshelf: another adorable repurposed piece (for the environment!) -- a rustic wood coffin that houses some of the best self-improvement reading available for the modern monster. For example: 'Peace, Harmony, & BRAAIIINNNS: One Zombie's Struggle in an Undead World', and 'Vampires Who Suck Too Much: Learn to give back. Get invited over the threshold'. Riveting.
- recreational reading: when you just want to curl up with a good book for a bit of fun. A pleasant little stack of titles such as 'Appetites for Flesh', a collection of 50 classic recipes for your next zombie dinner, and 'Monster Fashion of the 20th Century', with an exclusive new chapter on knife gloves.
- family cameos: heirloom pieces to remember your grandparents by.
- potion ingredients: the best potions are made from the best ingredients. Here's your starter collection for whipping up a brew! Includes such rare items as wolfsbane, snake venom, tainted love, and Knock-Em Out (when you don't have time for the cat & mouse game).
- MYSTERY PRIZE: there's a final mystery item, which is my rare gacha item, that I can't share with you because of event rules. But believe me, IT'S AWESOME. For gacha players, you need to win the Mystery Coupon from my machine, and once you've completed the gacha HUD tour, you can redeem that coupon for my mystery item in the redemption room.

Mystery! Intrigue! Gacha!!!

The Haunted Studio officially kicks off tonight at 11:30 PM SLT. Grab your HUD at Gachatopia to get started! [SLurl]

Have fun!!