Thanks to everyone who took the time to peruse the 9 More Places series. It's been fun, as always, and I hope everyone found something new that they'd never seen before! There is so much amazing, creative content out there, I could probably keep doing these series forever...and I might. :) For now, I'm going to resume my regularly scheduled blogging...hopefully get some new releases out for my own shop...and, of course, keep my eyes open for new super cool stuff!

For the wrap-up, here are the links to each blog post, as well as the SLurls for the shops - all in one handy location. I'll add a link to this on the main page along with the permanent link for the Top 12 Places series, and then it's all at your fingertips. Enjoy!

9 More Places!

1. Ingrid Ingersoll’s Homestore [blog post]

2. Belle Belle Furniture [blog post]

3. Another Man’s Treasure [2nd location] [blog post]

4. Tapioca Tastes [blog post]

5. Tesh Gardens [blog post]

6. New Trail [blog post]

7. Organica [blog post]

8. Happy Mood [blog post]

9. Pillow Talk [blog post]


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Pillow Talk

Odds are, you've heard of Pillow Talk by Sandy Clymer. It's a well-established shop, you'll find Sandy's products used all over the grid, and it's a sweet shopping experience for couples. Still, there may be 2 or 3 of you who aren't familiar with Pillow we'll remedy that right now. :)


Most of what you'll find at Pillow Talk is, well, pillows. Not just your average pillows, though - no, no. Sandy has a great selection of couples pillows, personal pillows, and single pose pillows. The cool thing about having the pillows with poses is that you can throw them down on anything -- your current furniture, the floor, the porch, the beach - anywhere you want them! You need to grab a pal or significant other and go try them all out. Here's just an idea of what you'll find...


As it turns out, I had no pal to go with me when I was taking I hit up the single pose pillows. There are pillows for relaxing and eating popcorn :) and there's also this adorable "hold kitty" pillow -- complete with kitty.



Sandy has some really fun swings...and you guys know how I love a swing! The swing I have at my house is from Pillow Talk, and there is no place I'd rather lounge than on that swing. She's got singles and couples swings, and the tire swing can be either!


Apple Tree

I hadn't noticed the apple tree on previous visits. This is really cute and fun, great for hanging out and a silly photo opportunity, too. :) Again, I had no pals with me, so here's a pic of the tree so you can see the detail (nice hand-drawn look), and the inset shows the poses included.



You don't really expect prefabs at a place called Pillow Talk, but there are a few. :) I first saw the White Siding House used in a residence on Nantucket, and absolutely fell head over heels with the house. When I had 2 residential plots (because sometimes I like to throw money away), this was the house on my 2nd parcel. It was dreamy and beautiful. The lighthouse is very precious, too -- and I think I also saw it on Nantucket. It's very "cape"!


Shining Star

I almost didn't see this since it's hanging way up in the sky --the Shining Star swing! *AND* it's only $1L!!! Be sure to grab one for yourself!


Pillow Talk - grab a buddy or two and go play!

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Welcome to Part 8 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

Happy Mood

We take a step into fantastical today with Happy Mood by Sasaya Kayo. Sasaya has put together an adorable and creative build filled with just the cutest things ever for home and garden. So, if you've been following along with these blog posts, then you know all the places you need to shop to build the perfect, most awesome garden in the history of SL. Yay, you!

Okay, first though, read my post. THEN go and shop and create.

As I like to do, let me show you a picture of the awesome build at Happy Mood -- it's straight out of a super-cool kid's fantasy book:

build2I love the feel of this place -- it's almost mystical.

Globe Lamps: These are just beautiful -- the texturing is so realistic on the metal and the glow effect is perfect. This is the butterfly version; there are also moon and snow versions, all available in small or medium sizes. They make me think of Tinkerbell. :)


Rocking Horses: these make me giggle. I don't think I've seen rocking horses anywhere else in SL...and certainly none this well-made. They do rock, of course, and the big one comes with 7 different poses -- and my favorite pose is shown here. That's how you chill on a rocking horse. :) The small one has just one pose, and it makes me laugh -- do you remember being, like, 10 years old and still desperately wanting to ride your 3 year old cousin's rocking horse, so you folded yourself up like this pose? ...was that just me?


Little Birds: that's exactly what they are, and they are the cutest SL birds ever. There are a lot of very nice, detailed birds to be found...these are, by far, my favorites. Each bird comes with 2 types in one package: 2 scripted to move and sing, and 2 non-scripted. All adorable. There are 14 colors available, or 1 mega pack that includes all the colors. My sim needs these!


Bunnies: again, there are a lot of cute bunnies to find in SL -- these are definitely at the top of my list! They come in 3 sizes...they all are animated to blink, twitch their noses (omgsocute), and wiggle their ears and tails. There's also a sleepy version whose eyes slowly close...precious.


Just to be sure you're still with me -- remember, these are all things to make your garden come to life. :) See? I'm still on theme! The last pic I want to share is what's currently in the Lucky Chair...which did not produce an E while I was able to hang around...the Bubble Chair, fairy version rather than 70s inflatable furniture version.


Happy Mood -- there's much more to see: cute little table sets, really precious dogs, and look for the sign to TP to the garden area -- more gorgeous and massive trees! We love the big trees!


Welcome to Part 7 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!


Today's post is another filled with trees and landscaping items. Aki Shichiroji of Organica has put together a gorgeous spot filled with her trees, flowers, grasses, and other outdoor goodies. As always, you know I love a good build, and Organica is a very pleasant, peaceful oasis that you just have to wander around!


It's also not so large that you feel like you need to leave a trail of bread crumbs, and I really like that, too. Now on to all the stuff I love!

Aki has massive sculpted trees available. Like, really massive. Her trees are a great mix of realism and fantasy -- the shapes in the largest trees just really remind me of hobbits...maybe it's just me...but they're still not so out-there fantasy that they don't fit on your average sim. I say they're great for any theme.

Elm Tree #1 with Treehouse

Anytime a treehouse is involved, I'm for it. I adore the little pieces of wood nailed into the trunk for the ladder up to the treehouse. Perfect touch. You'll see Giskard and I sitting in the treehouse, and that shows you the scale of this tree, too. MASSIVE.


Oak Tree #3

Another great staple for any wooded sim. I love the shape and texture of the trunk -- you can tell this is a tree that's been around forever and will still be around in another forever. Giskard is showing us the scale again - and let's be honest, that guy is always looking for an excuse to be in a blog picture.


Hollow Tree

I set my world to sunset for this one, to add that spooky glow. This tree is gorgeous, with such fun details. You can add mist by clicking on the tree...and if it's hard to tell what those little things are in the hollow of the tree -- well, they're skulls. :) When you go to Organica, be sure to zoom in closely on the'll see some were placed more recently than others. ;)


Cathedral Ruins

If it made sense on my sim, then I would have these ruins. Hell, if I had the time, money, patience to re-do my sim all over again, I would build it around these ruins. The shadow and beams of light are all part of the package -- beautiful.


Curving Stream & Bridge

I am trying to find a place for this on my sim -- we love sculpted water! This is actually two copies of the stream that you see here...but the stream is sold with copy permissions, so you can have as many as you want (for just $500L)...and the bridge is only $50L (also copy)!


Wildflowers & Grasses

As it happens, these items fit perfectly on my sim, and I'm slowly filling up the entire sim with them! I really adore the wildflower pack - I bought the mega pack that includes all the flowers, with multiple versions of each: slanted, flat, concave, convex - that makes it easier to fit to the landscape. Each swirly sculpt of flowers is just 1 prim (you have to see them to know what I mean)...and they're all copiable, yay! Same for the grasses -- 1 prim, same variations, multiple colors - combine them all, and voila, you have an awesome overgrown garden look! Instead of using a picture from Aki's sim, I'm gonna show you my sim and how I'm using the flowers/grasses. I really truly love how it's turned out so far!

wildflowers2It's like a carpet!

Be sure to check out Organica - there's much  more to see than I've shown you here. Enjoy!

Oh...and go, Steelers! ;)


Welcome to Part 6 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

New Trail

I first came across New Trail, by vitrail Illios, sometime this past autumn...and it was love at first sight. Vitrail has brought a very cool twist to his trees, which seems to have caught on very quickly! I bet you've all seen his trees in your travels -- maybe the little ones, maybe the big ones -- I've seen them all popping up frequently! I noticed in Vitrail's profile that he's moving to his own sim soon...I'm sure that means there are more great things coming!

The SLurl I provided will take you to the current New Trail location. When you get there, follow the little path to the ladder, and descend -- such a cute way to get to the shop. :) Also, be sure to join the subscribe-o-matic group! Vitrail gives out great group gifts, and you can get updates on the new sim and new releases! Now, on to my favorites:

Gloo Trees

I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove the Gloo trees. Love. They're sculpted beautifully, they have a gorgeous shine to them, and they're sparkly! They're available in about 5 colors - and you probably need all 5 ;) -- here we have the red one. Ooooohhhhh.....


I love how Vitrail displays most of his trees on tabletops. :) It's like scale model building for trees.


The Aborea line is so realistic -- well, realistic AND fairy tale-ish all at the same time. Remarkably well done, and the best part is that they all come with static and animated shadows (awesome), as well as sculpted groundcovers for the fallen leaves. It's those details that really make me swoon.

aboreaaborea-autumnIn the top picture, you can see the shadow and the groundcover (even on the table display, so cute!). The bottom pic is Aborea - Autumn Mood...wonderfully vibrant colors in the foliage. Gorgeous!

Abies Fir Tree

For a more alpine feel, definitely check out the fir trees. In addition to the green (below), you can also find snow-covered fir trees.


Vitrail still has the holiday/winter section in place, and you'll love it! Here's a birds-eye view -- look at all the shine and sparkle! Also, note the rays of light - they are available for purchase! Great touch!


My absolute favorite item in the winter section is the miniature gloo trees. They're like little shiny, glittery bonsai trees! There are 9 variations to be had -- precious!


Go and explore New Trail -- everything is beautifully laid out and it's great for wandering. I can't wait to see the new sim and its awesomeness! Remember - join the group!


Welcome to Part 5 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

Tesh Gardens

We covered Tapioca Tastes yesterday, by designer Tequlia Tapioca; today, I want to introduce you to Tesh Gardens by Hamish Stuart, Tequlia's partner. I have a major soft spot for landscaping items, especially when they go beyond your standard greenery and flowers. Tesh Gardens is filled with beautiful plants, PLUS so many precious little extras to really provide what's needed for a full-fledged garden. Even better, it's all housed in one of the most gorgeous true-to-RL builds around. When you go, be sure to wander all around -- especially over to the other side of the hills. You'll see. :)

As you explore both locations for Tapioca and Tesh, you'll see that this is clearly a collaboration between Tequlia and Hamish, and there's a little bit of each in both locations. You'll find quite a few Tesh Gardens items mixed in with the Tapioca Tastes garden furniture (at the SLurl in Part 4), and then a few Tapioca pieces mixed in at the official Tesh Garden location. Speaking of which -- prepare to have your breath taken away.

dutch-manorinteriorconservatoryThe Dutch Manor house (top) is just beautiful - the detail, the scale, the textures -- all just perfect. The middle picture is taken just inside the Manor House, and I love how Hamish has it set up like a RL garden center -- a few shelves, the counter and cash register, gardening tools laying around. Precious. The bottom picture is the conservatory where you'll find all the plants available - be sure to walk through each room! Speaking of beautiful plants -- Tesh Gardens has 'em. I only took one picture of the plants,'s the buildings and the other stuff that I really want to show you. :)


Other Stuff

When you go to visit, be sure you really look closely at everything laying around. Hamish has everything arranged so naturally, like it's a working nursery, that you tend to forget that these are actually product displays. You can find what you need to build a vineyard...a vegetable garden...a greenhouse...there are tons of planters and pots for your flowers...look at everything. My favorites:

Greenhouse: I love greenhouses. I have absolutely no RL skill with potting, planting, landscaping, etc...but I sure do love the acoutrements available for such activities. :) This greenhouse has great texture and detail - I love the worn and weathered look to it. Be sure to check out what's inside. ;)


Organic Vegetable Garden Gift Set: Words can't describe how much I love this set. Again, it's the little things like this that make a place really look and feel like a garden! Flowers and plants are great -- I need the details! The set comes with everything you see here in the foreground -- every awesome piece of it.


Copper Water Hose with Bucket: I think the name says it all. :) This is genius -- you can't have a garden without a spigot, right? Ta da!


There you go -- get those gardens started! Head over to Tesh Gardens and grab your supplies. Look around thoroughly; you can find a single-domed conservatory available as a prefab, as well as a beautiful conservatory/orangerie available on the other side of the hills. Enjoy!


Welcome to Part 4 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

RL kept me from blogging yesterday...and it's trying hard to keep me away today, too, but I'm going to get this out there come hell or high water! I have great stuff to show you!

Tapioca Tastes

Not to kill the suspense...but today's post is part one of a two-for. So, this is part 4 of the series...and tomorrow will be part just so happens that 4 & 5 go together. :) It will all make sense eventually.

Tapioca Tastes is another LM I've had buried in my inventory for a very long time. I sort of rediscovered it a few months ago, and made a note then that I needed to blog it. Ta da! Tequlia Tapioca is the designer, and she offers a nice range of basics: living rooms, bedrooms, some fun Moroccan-inspired pieces, and really nice garden furniture.  The Wisteria sim where the shop is located is very pretty - gently lanscaped, very peaceful and serene, and it's a nice place to just wander and explore.

I find myself very drawn to the garden furniture, so that's what I'm going to share with you today -- be sure to check out the two (2!) shops full of interior furniture, as well. The SLurl will drop you right in the middle of the garden furniture, and the shops are on either side. You'll also see some really awesome landscaping/gardening items -- those are (technically) items from Tesh Gardens...and we'll talk about them tomorrow. ;)

Garden Gazebo Swing

I am a sucker for a swing. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have a swing at my house...I've just added one to my sim...if I could justify it, I'd have one at home in RL. What I really like about the Garden Gazebo Swing is the detailed frame, the varied colors in the wood texture, and mostly, the tiny little detail of having one board slightly out of place. It's not easy to see in my picture, but look closely -- you'll see the 3rd plank from the bottom is slightly askew. I love that. It makes it feel so worn and rustic!


Da Petro Garden Set

Great set for any garden! I really love the patio table with the mosaic inlay tabletop -- great detail there. The chairs have a very nice iron mesh detail, too...and you know me, dear readers, I love the details! The planters with the arch are perfect at the entrance to your garden, and the gazebo is just yummy -- I see it as a great spot for more greenery, some roses...and a very sweet couples danceball. :) Romantic!


Picnic Table: You may wonder why I'm excited about a regular old picnic table. Well, look at it! Great wood texture, yes...and such true-to-RL detail! The cross-beams for support, the individual planks in the seats and the table top - it's just perfect. The mug of steaming coffee makes me smile -- a great accessory from Tesh Gardens (wait til tomorrow!).


Garden Spa: I love the wall-mounted faucets here, and it's just the right amount of steam. Very peaceful and calming...this would be a great piece to incorporate with some of the Zen items we talked about on Day 3. ;)


There ya go! Tapioca Tastes! As I mentioned above, be sure to explore both of the shops to see the interior furniture - some great basics, a few pieces with unexpected little twists (I like the Pristine White sets for their plant detail -- look for them!), and a wide assortment of items to check out. Go now, and I'll talk to you tomorrow (fingers crossed)!


Welcome to Part 3 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

Another Man's Treasure

When I first found AMT, the shop was located in a giant treasure chest. It was awesome. :) Designer Stormy McCallister has moved on to other locations, and now has two completely separate shops that you need to check out. I'll tell you what I think of when I think of AMT: men. Make of that what you will ;) -- I think of men because I think Stormy's designs are very masculine and warm. Lots of wood, very no-nonsense fabrics, quite grand in scale -- great for guys, in my opinion. I have sent several guy friends to AMT when they've asked about decorating, and they've always been impressed with the offerings there. I'm going to give you a peek at both locations on to my favorite things!

South Beach Location

At this location, you'll find living rooms, bars, a few patio sets - all in that nice, warm, masculine style. What I really like here is the Club collection -- that's the perfect description for it; I definitely see it as reminiscent of a traditional gentleman's club. First, the living room set:

club-livingGreat fabrics here -- plush without being fluffy, if that makes sense. :)

Next we have more of the Club set, what I would consider the Lounge pieces. The fireplace is actually named "Gentleman's Quarters", which is perfect -- and oh, I think Stormy makes amazing fireplaces!


Now on to the Lohengrin location -- this location is specifically filled with Zen-inspired furnishings and accessories, and it's all gorgeous!

I really love the Cherry Wood Desk set -- I like the sort of "open boxiness" of the desk, and the suspended bookshelf makes me very happy. What's great, too, is that the bookshelf comes with all the accessories you see - including the adorable and well-detailed globe! Very well done!


The Asian Summer bedroom caught my eye mainly because of the green (that's my color!), and especially because of the detail on the front of the armoire. That's really a beautiful pattern -- again, without being girly -- and the architectural details of the pieces are spot on for a modern Asian feel. The bamboo rug is the perfect touch, and something that I really love in RL decorating - it works with everything!


Now, my absolute favorite: the Asian Bath! This is so spa-like and so well-detailed -- the basket of towels may be my favorite part! The splashes of cream keep the room from being too dark. You can buy the entire set --  unfortunately, that doesn't include the bath house that's used to display the bath and accessories. I think it would be great if  Stormy offered the hut for sale, as well; the whole thing would be great in the middle of a heavily landscaped zen garden...lots of mist swirling around...can't you picture it?


Another Man's Treasure - go, see, buy, decorate! And boys - a tip for you -- chicks dig a well-decorated pad. *whispers "you need to shop here."


Welcome to Part 2 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

Belle Belle Furniture

I showcased Belle Belle in one of my holiday posts; I stated then that I really needed to spotlight the shop soon...and here we are. :) Leyla Firefly is the designer, and she has put together quite an extensive collection of very nicely detailed items, lots of extras, and a lot of focus on coordinating pieces. What I think is so awesome is that each of her furniture series really is that -- a series of rooms, all in coordinating textures and styles. So, for each series, you'll find a living room, kitchen, dining room. office, bathroom, and bedroom. Perfect if you're hoping to furnish your entire place in one fell swoop! I had to restrain myself from taking pics of everything in the store - since I do want to tease you just enough so that you'll run out and check out Belle Belle for yourself -- so let's jump into my favorites!

Marrakesh Living Room

Of course, this is just one room in the Marrakesh series, and all the other rooms are just as lush. I really love this fireplace -- it's hard to see from my pic, but Leyla has included lots of little vases and knick-knacks on each shelf. That makes my heart go pitter-patter.

(Note: Leyla seems to be in the process of adding another building to her shop -- the Marrakesh is in the other shop across the water from where the SLurl will take you.)


Dako Living Room and Kitchen

I am just drawn to browns and blues, it seems, so the Dako set really catches my eye. Also, as I believe I've mentioned in the past, I adore a well-made kitchen!!! Sure, kitchens may be a bit silly in SL -- but then, so are edible food and drinks, but those are just fun! Kitchens are just as fun, and Leyla makes some of the best kitchens I've ever seen.

dako-livingdako-kitchenOh, those cabinets! Don't you just want to touch the wood (heh)? I would totally have this kitchen in RL.

Bandera Kitchen & Arne Kitchen

So, before I continued this post, I sat and debated: do I really want to add more kitchens? Or go ahead and wrap it up so that you, dear readers, can get over to Belle Belle? ...yeah, I'm gonna show more kitchens. :)


I think it's the little details that really get me here. The rolling pin? Perfect. The hanging pots - love them. The marble (or granite?) surfaces are great -- and the artwork is a nice and unexpected splash of color.



You'll see some of those same little details here (yay!) - what really captures me with the Arne Kitchen are the curves and angles. The color scheme is great, too, and I love the dots! If I had a kitchen like this, I might actually learn to cook. You heard it here first.


Ok, dear readers -- those who've been with me for a while will know that I am a sucker for presentation. Cute packaging and creative displays just slay me. Understanding that, you will certainly understand why I love Leyla for displaying her throw pillows in this manner:


I just love it!! So simple and so fun! You'll find these bins scattered around the store, filled with the pillows to coordinate with the series, and you can pick up sets of 3 pillows from the bins. Oh, I love it.

Be sure to join the Belle Belle group to get in on the freebie goodness (there's a precious Valentine topiary in-store now, available to group members only), and of course, to get notices when Leyla releases new items -- like all the Valentine goodies you'll find just outside the main store. Last, but not least, get over to the store now to pick up the free-for-all freebie available -- this absolutely adorable Laughing Buddha! I <3 him and his shiny belly! When you click him, he says Buddha things - find your inner peace, dear readers!


Belle Belle

Following up on my previous Top 12 series, I'm happy to welcome you to the "9 More Places Everyone Should Know About in SL, Especially If You Own a House or Land, and You Like Cool Stuff" series...henceforth known as "9 More Places!".


This is not a stack ranking or countdown of best places - these are places that I have found over the years that I really enjoy, LMs that I pass out when folks are looking for decorating goodness, and places that everyone should check out at least once, as decided by me. Ready? Ok!

Ingrid Ingersoll's Homestore

Let me start by saying that I consider it a huge shame that I have never blogged Ingrid before. It was not an intentional oversight by any means -- Ingrid Ingersoll is one of the designers I found very early on when I began to really dig into SL design, and one who fanned the flames (oh my) of my passion for SL furniture, architecture, and decor. I'm going to share just a few of my favorites with you, and then I want you to go check Homestore out yourself! I can't do all the work for you!

Let's start with the furniture. Ingrid is amazing with textures -- her woods/wickers are glorious, and her fabrics are plush. And that, dear readers, is what hooks me.

Belmont Set:

belmontFowler Set:

fowlerCan't you just imagine the feel of the fabric? Note that each set is available in several fabric options -- you can see the other fabrics in the cute little display stands.

Ingrid also has a large selection of wonderful prefabs. I guarantee you've all seen her tree house in your travels around SL -- it's awesome, I love it, and clearly lots of other folks love it, too. Another prefab I know you've seen, especially if you're a shopper (I see it used most frequently in shopping sims), is her Garden District Townhouse. Gorgeous.


You can also find very nice, small decor details at Homestore -- sconces, vases, candles, etc. I love the hourglass...

hourglass..and one of the items that really caught my eye, way back when, is Ingrid's wooden shelf. Seriously. It's the simplicity of it that I love so much -- it's simple, but still more interesting than a single rectangular prim. That's my inner decorating geek coming out, btw. We all need shelves -- and these are the ones you should have. (There are different wood textures available at the shop.)


When you visit Homestore, be sure to also look at the floor -- there are lots of yummy area rugs scattered around -- and just 25L each!

Ingrid Ingersoll's Homestore - enjoy!