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Summerfest '16 is open! So many amazing beachy things from some of the best designers across the grid - be sure to get over there and bask in the sun!

Second Spaces brings the Nautical Highboy, in natural or white, and perfect for all your beachy spaces. Exclusively available at Summerfest for the duration of the event!

Second Spaces at Summerfest [SLurl]

The April round of The Epiphany is open! I had a great time with my set for this round: Home Improvement. All the basics you need to get those DIY projects underway and improve your space!

The Home Improvement set is exclusively available at The Epiphany for the duration of this round. There are 8 gacha items: 7 common, 1 rare, and each play is just 50L.

In addition, as part of The Epiphany event, there is an exclusive item that can be redeemed via the points you earn when you play the machines. The exclusive item will never be available again after the event, so make sure you grab it while you can!

The Epiphany website, with all the info about how to play: The Epiphany

Second Spaces at The Epiphany [SLurl]

Off-cam shopping [SLurl]

The February round of Collabor88 is open! This month's theme is Espionage, and I'm happy to bring you just what you need to start your career as Evil Supervillain and to execute your plot to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

The Evil Lair Starter Kit includes a Supreme Command Console, 2 industrial-sized evil computers, your standard mission critical buttons for easy access, and most importantly, large barrels of dangerous materials with which to threaten your enemies. Go wild!

The whole set is available exclusively at C88 right now! [SLurl]

I am very excited to have Second Spaces participating in this round of The Epiphany!! If you're not familiar with this event, check it out at their website for all the specifics. To sum it up, though, I can tell you that it's a gacha event with perks! As you play the gacha machines, you earn points, which can be accumulated and then redeemed for exclusive items that will never be available again after the event. Exciting!!

My gacha set is the Party Drinks set, including 7 common items and 1 rare, and just 75L per play.

My exclusive item is the Beer Bar, a quirky homemade tap stand that's perfect for your next outdoor party! Remember, this can only be received through the redemption of Epiphany points and it will not be available ever again after this round!

You can redeem your points for the exclusive item AT the Epiphany location, OR at my main shop. I've got a stall set up just outside the front door where you can redeem those points. You've still got to go to The Epiphany first to play those machines and get those points, though, so are you waiting for?

The Epiphany [SLurl]

Second Spaces exclusive stall at the main shop [SLurl]

How to play [link]


The December round of The Arcade is open!! For this round, I've got the perfect set for you to treat yourself like the royalty that you are...which is royalty that enjoys shopping, travel, spa services, and snacks. You know who you are.

There are 10 mini sets to be won: 9 commons and 1 rare. Each play is 75L and the set is available only at The Arcade for the month of December!

Second Spaces at The Arcade [SLurl]

The November round of Collabor88 is open! From Second Spaces, I have the Autumn Blues Foyer -- it's a whole set, including all accessories, and available in either warm or cool colors. Great for cozying up your entry, hall, or any little space that needs some stuff. ALL THE STUFF.

Second Spaces at Collabor88 [SLurl]

October's Collabor88 is open! This month's theme is 'Burtonesque', and I've got some wacky and whimsical pieces. The Burton Dresser is available in 2 color packs, dark and light, with 3 variations in each set. The Burton Table is also available in dark and light packs, with 2 variations in each pack. AND for the duration of C88, each pack is only 88L! WACKY.

Second Spaces at Collarbo88 [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

The September round of Collabor88 is open! This month's theme is Muted Coven; I've brought the Coven Hall Stand, perfect as a catch-all just inside your door. Even witches like organization.

There are four color sets, and each set includes a decorated version and an empty version, for times when you feel less witchy or more witchy. Just 88L per color set for the duration of this C88 round!

Second Spaces at Collabor88 [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

The July round of Collabor88 is open! This month's theme is 'Under the Sea', and I've brought you some lovely pieces to transform your home into an underwater speaking.

The Second Spaces set has 4 aquatic versions of the bureau, a delicately handcrafted glass sculpture of sea bubbles, and a saucy mermaid with a deliciously tiled tail. For the duration of this month's C88 event, each piece is available for only 88L! Holy Triton!

Second Spaces at Collabor88 [SLurl]

Okay, the post title is a bit dramatic, but it explains why I haven't posted about all these new releases until now. I traveled to TX this past weekend, and totally got stranded in Dallas overnight. It was a big ol' mess. I'm home now, and finally got all of my luggage, so I am once again a whole person. A whole person who released a whole bunch of stuff this weekend!

The Arcade is open once again!! Still my favorite event, as both a designer AND a shopper. ♥ For this round, my SL is mirroring my RL, as I have become a total makeup junkie in RL these days. The Makeup Junkie gacha set includes 8 little mini-sets: 7 commons and 1 rare. Everything you need to clutter up your dressing table LIKE A BOSS. Just 75L per play, and available exclusively at The Arcade through June 30!

The Arcade [SLurl]

I'm also super excited to be a guest designer at this month's round of FaMESHed! I've got the Mercury Storage set, available in dark or light, and each set includes a completely accessorized version as well as an empty version for your own stuff. Exactly perfect for your dining rooms and kitchens!

Second Spaces at FaMESHed [SLurl]

Second Spaces is also part of the Multicultural Menu event - a whole event dedicated to food and cuisine from around the world! I was assigned to the South Pacific region, so I bring you a classic Australian dessert - Lamingtons!

Second Spaces at the Multicultural Menu [SLurl]

It's Fifty Linden Friday at Second Spaces!

The Frame of Reference bookshelves are available in 2 colors, and just 50L for today only!

Second Spaces [SLurl]

Please join the Fifty Linden Fridays group inworld, or follow our Flickr for updates from our designers!

Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item.  Each week the designers and items will rotate.  The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.  You can get the items by following the LMs in this note.  

This week, the designers are:


Happy shopping!! <3

The name 'Fifty Linden Fridays', all text contained within this notecard, any advertising and promotional material, along with the group charter for the Fifty Linden Fridays group is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

Home Show 2015 is now open! It runs from May 1 - 31 and is full of wonderful, amazing home/garden designers from across the grid. It's decorator heaven!

Home Show 2015 [SLurl]

Second Spaces has two new items for Home Show, exclusive to the event for its duration. Introducing the Rhodes Windowseat, great for any room and any window, and perfect for giving you that built-in look! There's also the Step Shelves, a repurposed industrial piece for a little extra storage wherever you need it!

New stuff out now for a couple of different events!

100 layer cake color scheme 3.png

TAG! Gacha has returned with a new event: The Side Show! It's a HUD-based gacha adventure; be sure to check out the TAG! website here for all the info on how to play. 

From Second Spaces, I have the Sideshow Superstars gacha set - a collection of vintage carnival posters featuring all of our favorite SL superstars!

My machine is 50L per play - collect them all! 

TAG! starting point [SLurl]

Second Spaces is also happy to be participating in this round of The Enda quarterly, post-apocalyptic themed sales event. For my item, I bring you the Fallout Shelter deco doors. Great for your post-apocalyptic builds! (Mutant and zombie protection not included.) The set includes two doors - one for your walls, one for your grounds!

The End runs from April 16 - May 5, and the Fallout Shelter doors are available exclusively at the event for that timeframe.

Second Spaces at The End [SLurl]

The March round of Collabor88 is open! This month's theme is 'Moonless Night', a tribute to Twin Peaks. 

From Second Spaces, I have the Cooper Desk (available in 5 colors), the Cooper Chair (available in 3 color packs), and the Cooper Desk Accessories (all in one pack). If you're a fan of Twin Peaks, then I hope you'll appreciate the little things that inspired my designs. If you're not a fan of Twin Peaks, then I hope you'll appreciate a damn fine desk set with some damn fine accessories. :) Also, if you're a fan of black & white chevron, this is the event for you!

Available right now exclusively at Collabor88! [SLurl]

It's time for the March round of The Arcade! I'm happy to be participating again, and ecstatic to be helping you on your way to a more cluttered space. A cluttered home means a warm heart, I say.

The Cluttered House set includes 8 little mini-sets: 7 commons and 1 rare. The machine 75L per play, and the Arcade is open from now through March 31!

The Arcade [SLurl]

The Arcade off-sim shopping galley [SLurl]

You can also swing by Second Spaces to pick up a copy of the Arcade pre-loader Hud. The Hud will give you the landmarks and info you need, and will also help you load all the vendors more quickly when you get to the event! Look for the little sandwich board in the front room of my shop, and just click it to get the Hud! Second Spaces [SLurl]

The House Hunt has started! Head over to the website to find a list of all the participating stores, preview pics of their items, and clues to help you on your hunt!

From Second Spaces, I have the Pratt Table set. It includes a lovingly weathered table, a vintage tabletop weathervane, and a set of ceramic vases on top of books so that you look well-read. This set really has everything.

The House Hunt is a paid hunt - each item is only 20L though, so you're in for a lot of great bargains! You're looking for a cardboard box with a heart in it (shown below), and the clue to find my item is: No man is an island.

The House Hunt at Second Spaces [SLurl]

The January round of The Liaison Collaborative is open! This month's theme is 'Classical Romance' and Second Spaces is participating with the Classic Daybed. The daybed comes in light and dark versions, and includes lots of cuddle anims...FOR ROMANCE. There's also the Classic Divider, in light or dark, which is a lovely piece made up of architectural salvage and is ideal for closing off a quiet corner for your daybed..and also, FOR ROMANCE.

Find it at TLC right now through Feb 10! [SLurl]