The Consensus of Opinion
Article in Harper's Bazaar, Photograph by Man Ray, 
March 1936

About Elle Kirshner

I have a passion for furniture, decorating, landscaping — in RL as well as SL. Most of my passion is very conceptual — I’m an admirer and appreciater, not so much a do-er, especially in RL. In SL, I truly am amazed at what can be done with some basic building shapes, some awesome textures, and a ton of creativity. I started this blog to spotlight the places I find that make me go ‘ooh!’ and sometimes take my breath away.

Since starting the blog in 2007, I’ve opened my own furniture/decor shop (also named Second Spaces), and also opened a poses/animations shop (Pulling Strings).  I will use the blog to promote my own items, of course, and will always continue to use it to share with my readers all the great things I find in SL. No single designer in SL, no matter how prolific, can have it all, so it’s important to me to be able to contribute my corner of the internet as a gathering place for those looking for the best there is in design.