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Today's post is another filled with trees and landscaping items. Aki Shichiroji of Organica has put together a gorgeous spot filled with her trees, flowers, grasses, and other outdoor goodies. As always, you know I love a good build, and Organica is a very pleasant, peaceful oasis that you just have to wander around!


It's also not so large that you feel like you need to leave a trail of bread crumbs, and I really like that, too. Now on to all the stuff I love!

Aki has massive sculpted trees available. Like, really massive. Her trees are a great mix of realism and fantasy -- the shapes in the largest trees just really remind me of hobbits...maybe it's just me...but they're still not so out-there fantasy that they don't fit on your average sim. I say they're great for any theme.

Elm Tree #1 with Treehouse

Anytime a treehouse is involved, I'm for it. I adore the little pieces of wood nailed into the trunk for the ladder up to the treehouse. Perfect touch. You'll see Giskard and I sitting in the treehouse, and that shows you the scale of this tree, too. MASSIVE.


Oak Tree #3

Another great staple for any wooded sim. I love the shape and texture of the trunk -- you can tell this is a tree that's been around forever and will still be around in another forever. Giskard is showing us the scale again - and let's be honest, that guy is always looking for an excuse to be in a blog picture.


Hollow Tree

I set my world to sunset for this one, to add that spooky glow. This tree is gorgeous, with such fun details. You can add mist by clicking on the tree...and if it's hard to tell what those little things are in the hollow of the tree -- well, they're skulls. :) When you go to Organica, be sure to zoom in closely on the'll see some were placed more recently than others. ;)


Cathedral Ruins

If it made sense on my sim, then I would have these ruins. Hell, if I had the time, money, patience to re-do my sim all over again, I would build it around these ruins. The shadow and beams of light are all part of the package -- beautiful.


Curving Stream & Bridge

I am trying to find a place for this on my sim -- we love sculpted water! This is actually two copies of the stream that you see here...but the stream is sold with copy permissions, so you can have as many as you want (for just $500L)...and the bridge is only $50L (also copy)!


Wildflowers & Grasses

As it happens, these items fit perfectly on my sim, and I'm slowly filling up the entire sim with them! I really adore the wildflower pack - I bought the mega pack that includes all the flowers, with multiple versions of each: slanted, flat, concave, convex - that makes it easier to fit to the landscape. Each swirly sculpt of flowers is just 1 prim (you have to see them to know what I mean)...and they're all copiable, yay! Same for the grasses -- 1 prim, same variations, multiple colors - combine them all, and voila, you have an awesome overgrown garden look! Instead of using a picture from Aki's sim, I'm gonna show you my sim and how I'm using the flowers/grasses. I really truly love how it's turned out so far!

wildflowers2It's like a carpet!

Be sure to check out Organica - there's much  more to see than I've shown you here. Enjoy!

Oh...and go, Steelers! ;)