Ohhi! A few new(ish) things from around the grid - cute stuff for you to buy!

First new hanging plants from Pitsch Parx and UrbanizeD. I love these! Great accessories for inside and outside, and always a great way to fill an empty corner.

These are texture-changeable, too - like, every part of the planters AND the plants/flowers themselves! Tons of options in each plant - because of all the options, they are a bit pricey as plants go, but totally worth it for the quality and all the texture possibilities.

Check them out at Urbanized [SLurl]

A new shop (to me) is Southern Bella by Bryn Bulloch. Cute shabby chic items, and I saw a notice for the Shabbies set just released in the past week or so. It's a simple little decorative set, and I like the textures. This would be a great accessory set for, really, any room.

Cute! See it at Southern Bella [SLurl]

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