I was sent a review folder from Crias Rowlands, the creator behind a fairly new shop: Stuff Store.

I love that storefront. :) Stuff Store is focused on retro pieces, sort of rockabilly mid-century modern is how I would describe it. The selection is fairly small right now, but oh my goodness! Gorgeous baked textures, great use of sculpts - it's all yummy!

This is the Rock & Lay Couch set, also available in a few other color options. The leather texture on this is wonderful -- just the little hint of light reflecting off the corners and the curves of the armrests - perfect! The ashtray and comic books are really cute, too - great little accents.

Next is the SuperFreeze Refrigerator. I love the curves and the color (this is also available in other colors), and the interior is great! I love the sandwiches. :) The SuperFreeze is also scripted for snacking; just click on any item inside the fridge.

This is the Vision TV and the Military Transreceiver. Both of these are able to be used for media, which is awesome. The Military Transreceiver comes loaded with a ton of preset radio stations, which is handy. But aside from all that - look at these!! Especially the Transreceiver -- the detail and texturing is just gorgeous! I WANT MORE.

I truly do look forward to seeing what else Crias comes up with, and I hope it's soon! There are a few more things in the shop for you to check out, so be sure to stop by!

Stuff Store [SLurl]

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