Zinnia Karu of Zinnia's sent me her Autumn Dreams Bed, currently available as her gift for the Falling Leaves Hunt (Sept 15 - Oct 15).  I really like the concept of the bed - perfect for fall! - and I love how organic it is!

Isn't that precious? It's very rustic with the patchwork quilt, and then a bit romantic with the sheer canopy. The fall foliage is very pretty and works great with the colors in the bedding. I also like  how the quilt is turned down at the corner...that's just a cute detail.

I would like to see the wood parts with more shading - I love that Zinnia used branches and really gave the bed frame a very hand-built look, but the textures on the sculpted parts are a bit flat. There's also some conflict between the alphas in the foliage and the alpha of the canopy, so you get a little bit of flicker here and there. Otherwise, though, I think Zinnia has done a very good job of creating something unique and charming.

She's also included single and couple animations, complete with facial expressions, which is always just fun. Here's me, just waking up from a cozy autumn nap:

Be sure to stop by Zinnia's and look for the Autumn Dreams Bed hunt gift before October 15!!

Zinnia's [SLurl]

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