I'm tardy (surprise) in telling you about a new project called Atelier Kreslo. Started by Flutter Memel of {cluttered} flowey. and flowey poses, Atelier Kreslo is described as follows:

Each month, a series of two designers will be paired up to create a seat of some sort that will be offered for the limited time of 1 month at a set price, this isn't intended to be a bargain hunter event and the emphasis is placed on quality, creativity and collaboration. The items are unique because each component is inspired by the other - the posemaker creating  poses, static or animated, exclusively for this item, the two creators deciding on a theme or style of their choice.

Flutter was kind enough to send me this month's items: memories of winter, a collection of lovely dining chairs designed by Gala Charron of *Art Dummy! with poses from Flutter Memel herself.

Oh, those wood textures make me happy. I love the little tag hanging from the branch, too...these are just adorable all around.

The other cool thing about Atelier Kreslo is that it's set up in a precious little cafe, where the new releases each month will be featured as part of the decor. I love this place!

Definitely stop by the cafe to check out this month's chairs, and also just to hang out. It will totally make you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee.

This month also features RL art from a SL designer: Lindini2 Lane. You can see her pieces on the wall at the cafe, and pick up your own copies for 0L!

I can't wait to see what's next for Atelier Kreslo!

(The current collection will be available only at Atelier Kreslo until February 13th.)

Atelier Kreslo in-world [SLurl]

Atelier Kreslo on Tumblr

Atelier Kreslo on Plurk

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