For someone as wrapped up in SL home & garden as I am, I surprisingly rarely buy  new furniture and/or change up my own living conditions. I tend to keep the same house for years with not a lot of changes to the interior. I think it's mostly because I'm lazy. That's one reason why I hardly ever decorate the houses I'm sent for review. Primarily, it's because I want to showcase the build on its own without distractions...and secondly, because it just takes too much time to really dress up a space properly. What can ya do?

With that said, though, I have recently strayed outside my usual routine. Bought me a new kitchen. Yep. Sure did. Look at me go.

Well, me being me, I did keep several pieces of my old kitchen, too, and just worked in the new stuff. The new stuff happens to be the Vine "Vite" Bistro Kitchen from LISP Bazaar (Pandora Popstar) and I LOVE IT. It's currently available at CHIC², a great event celebrating the 2nd birthday of Chic Management. (You need to check out the whole event, lots of nice stuff: clothes, jewelry, skins, hair, furniture, poses, and more!) When I saw the Vine "Vite" Bistro Kitchen, I made a snap decision to redecorate!


The table and chairs are part of the Castara Dine-in Kitchen from The Loft, and were in my kitchen already. I've also kept some accessories and shelves from that set, too. 

The cabinets along the wall are part of the Vine "Vite" Bistro set, and you guys know how I love surfaces on which to put things, so I lovelovelove having this counter space!

The scale, baskets of bread, pastries, and espresso set are also part of the new set. Pandora has really done a great job with her accessories!

The lamps are my favorite. ♥ They're texture change, as well.

The white cabinet in the background is one of my own pieces from the Second Spaces shop, and one of my personal favorites.

So there ya go - my new(ish) kitchen! It's nice and cozy, just like I like it.

I went back and looked at my pics from when I first set this house up in January 2011...and I realize that I have made a few other small changes over the past 18 maybe I'll share those soon, too. Progress!

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