I'm very excited to be participating in the January round of N-21! I'm also apparently very ready for spring. With that in mind, I present the Second Spaces Garden Sink! A great little potting shed sort of thing with a handy dandy sink for your light gardening needs. Also, check it out -- click the faucet to turn the water on and off. I know that's like super old news for SL sinks, but it's the first Second Spaces sink that functions. I'm fancy.

There are 2 Garden Sinks available - Natural and White. The White version is an exclusive item and is only available for this round of N-21! After the event is over, the white version will be retired. Both sets include a sink with the accessories, and also a sink with empty shelves so you can add your own stuff.

Second Spaces at N-21 [SLurl]

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