Dear readers, please excuse this break in our Top 12 list. I'd like to share a quick post to invite you to the H&S Compound - there's shopping to be had! :) H&S Compound is home to these fine merchants:

Kitties Lair // Fierce Designs // Urban Underground // Second Spaces // Graphica Textures

Majestic Shapes/Dinkum Designs // Kami Singh's // Erotic Angel Designs

Currently, there are shops available for rent at L$300/week for 50 prims. The traffic averages 4900 daily for this little corner of the sim, and that's without campers!

I'm excited to also welcome you to the H&S Cottages, newly available for rent!! All have water access, either from a front deck or back deck, and some have both. The water on the northern border of the sim is open access, great for your speedboat or jet ski! If you're looking for a cute little place to call home, you have to come see!

One story cottages are L$600/week for 150 prims

Two story cottages are L$700/week for 200 prims

H&S Compound Shops

H&S Compound Cottages