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I'm quite excited about today's post because I feel like this shop is a hidden treasure. Now, for all I know, I may be just 1 in 50,000 who know this place -- but until proven otherwise, I'll continue under the assumption that I know something you don't know. ;)

Today, I'm spotlighting Mezzanine by Mezzanine Qi. (Ok, so now you know. :) ) Mezzanine is a smaller shop, and it's just full of gorgeous asian-inspired pieces. Now, certainly, the items are very specific to a theme, but I think any decor - retromodern, tropical, industrial, shabby chic - can be enhanced with a stunning Ming vase or detailed laquered folding screen. So you have no reason not to go check out Mezzanine. :)

Speaking of Ming vases --

How perfect are those? Great detailing, just the right amount of shine. I love them.

The Black Seasons furniture collection is quite vast; the pieces are very detailed, so they're relatively high in prim, and the prices are just right in my opinion. A few shots:

I saw an opportunity to show off my favorite Bare Rose kimono :)

Mezzanine also offers boxed sets of the Black Seasons grouping, and what's really cool is that she offers multiple options of the boxed sets. So, of course, you can buy just the individual pieces you want, or you can grab a boxed set that suits your needs.

You can also find a great variety of Chinese lanterns, rice paper lanterns, Chinese fans, candles, awesome garden lights, AND these oh-so-cute miniature Zen gardens. Precious!

There's so much more to see - I have a few more pics than usual today just because I've never posted about Mezzanine before. Get over there now -- now! -- and see the wonders there are to be seen!