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Out now for the February round of Uber - the Dean Powder Room. Available as a full set, in two different color schemes, or you can get just the individual pieces you want. All perfect for setting up that hall bath for guests!

Available exclusively at Uber from now until March 22 [SLurl]

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dean powder room_full set_lighter_vendor.jpg

Authorelle kirshner
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The June 2018 round of The Arcade is open!

From Second Spaces: the Compact Office. A great little set for organizing and downsizing and making the most efficient use of your space!

There are 11 Common items and 1 Rare -- just 50L a play, and available exclusively at The Arcade through June 30!

Second Spaces at The Arcade [SLurl]

arcade_compact office_1024x1024 GACHA KEY.jpg

Authorelle kirshner
scullery rack_epiphany_common gacha vendor.jpg

Now available at the April round of The Epiphany: Scullery Rack of Joy! More stuff to put with your other stuff and things, on your surfaces where things and stuff go. Great for all your kitchen spaces! The set has 10 Commons, 1 Rare...and an Epiphany exclusive:

Available exclusively at The Epiphany through May 12th! [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner