Hiya! Super happy to be a guest designer for this month's birthday round of Uber! I've collaborated again with Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea, and together we've brought you Retha's Nook. Comfy, casual, and full of little decorative touches, you can get the whole set or the individual pieces exclusively at Uber!

Uber [SLurl]

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It's the 8th. IT IS ON.

New stuff out now at Collabor88! This round is the C88 Prom round, and my lovely prom date is Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea. ♥ We've collaborated to bring you a cozy Story Time set - an adorable little nook for curling up and enjoying your favorite book. It's available in a dark version or light, with all the pieces in a set or just the individual pieces that you want - so many possibilities!

Cheeky Pea and Second Spaces at C88 [SLurl]

Also happening today: the February edition of Deco(c)rate is available! If you're already a subscriber, then you've already got it. :) If you're not, then I think you know what to do. ♥

For this month's theme of 'Timeless Romance', Second Spaces has contributed a Mood Lighting pack, with all the romantic candle sets you need to...you know. YOU KNOW.

Check the Deco(c)rate site for all the info you need to subscribe! It's never too late!

Hello, December! The new round of Collabor88 is open, and Second Spaces is settling in for a cozy winter. The Nordic Winter Lounge set is available exclusively at C88 for now; it's available in a dark version and a light version, and the full sets include all the accessories. If you just want the accessories by themselves, that's cool - I DID THAT FOR YOU.

Grab your Nordic Winter Lounge right now at C88! [SLurl]

The new round of Collabor88 is open! This month's theme is Pretty In Punk; I've got some subtly rebellious and charmingly elegant skull chairs, along with classic armoires that come with the option of sticking it to The Man. Each chair color and each armoire color set are just 88L for the duration of C88 - how punk rock is that?

Second Spaces at Collabor88 [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

I'm so excited about this month's Collabor88, open as of today! The theme for this round is 'My Love' AND it's also the C88 Prom round, which means that all the regular designers were able to invite guest designers to participate. My prom date is Elsa Wellesley of Llorisen, one of my favorite house builders, and she's got the most adorable little house available for the event. ♥

Gah, I love it. The Lils Shotgun Cottage is just 188L for the duration of C88, so be sure to grab it now!

From Second Spaces, I have the Amor Couches and Armoires, as well as some homemade Wall Art.

Both the couch and the armoire are available in 4 different colors, just 88L each, or you can get a full color pack of each for just 188L. The wall art comes with three different art options, and you get the whole set for 88L.

Get it all at Collabor88 from now until March 6!

Collabor88 [SLurl]

It's FLF again at Second Spaces! Today I have a new couch for your cottagey spaces: the Audrey Sectional. The set includes the couch and the ottoman; the couch has anims for boys, girls, and couples, and the ottoman has anims for girls and boys. There are two versions available -- pink and teal -- and both are also texture change so that you can switch between patterned and solid. Neat!

Available for just 50L per set, today only, at Second Spaces! [SLurl]

Please join the Fifty Linden Fridays group inworld, or follow our Flickr for updates from our designers!


Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item.  Each week the designers and items will rotate.  The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.  You can get the items by following the LMs in this note.

This week, the designers are:


Happy shopping!! <3

The name ‘Fifty Linden Fridays’, all text contained within this notecard, any advertising and promotional material, along with the group charter for the Fifty Linden Fridays group is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visithttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

Happy New Year! Today starts the January round of Collabor88 and the theme is 'OMG! Unicorns!'. From Second Spaces, I have the Unicorn Chaise set. It's available in pink and in teal, and each set includes the chaise (with single and cuddle anims), the decorative wall, and the glitter cameos. Each set is also just 188L for the duration of the event!

Second Spaces at Collabor88 [SLurl]

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*pic credits below

*pic credits below

There's a gorgeous collaboration between floorplan. and Consignment designers. Tegan Serin and Wavie Haller, available now at Collabor88. A collab at Collab. You were thinking it.

Check out the Cozy Couch and Librocubicularist's Library at Collabor88! [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • couch: floorplan.&Con. - cozy couch (Tegan Serin/Wavie Haller) *C88
  • ottoman: Soy. - Knitted Pouf (Soyoy Resident) *C88
  • bookshelves: Con&floorplan. - The Librocubicularist's Library (Tegan Serin/Wavie Haller) *C88
  • vase w/branches: Cheeky Pea - Bureau de Brioude Hanging Heart Planter (Isla Gealach) *Uber
  • bag: {Sleepy Eddy} - LeatherBostonBag (Metro Moonwall) *Arcade
  • books: Erratic - coc - book stacks (Erratic Rain)
  • shoes (w/buckles): Ingenue - Jaclyn Heels (Betty Doyle)
  • shoes (w/stiletto heels): fri.day - Opal.Heels (Darling Monday)
  • rug: The Loft - Ikat Rug Texture B (Colleen Desmoulins)
  • house: Scarlet Creative - Foundry Prefab MC (Charlotte Bartlett)

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits below

*pic credits below

I haven't been able to blog for blog's sake in quite a long while. Just to keep up with the shop and the events, I've had to put good old fashioned blogging on the back burner. I expect it will be that way going forward for an indefinite amount of time (which I've let my contributing designers know), BUT at this very moment and hopefully for a few weeks, I've got some time. While I can, I want to make pretty pics and show them to you, so I'mma give that a shot.

The Arcade is open for the December round, and ohmygoodness, the decor. ♥ So much gorgeousness. I can't really highlight one specific designer's set in this post -- the scene is made up of a lot of pieces from different sets, and I love how so much of it works together so well. It's another amazing round that must be seen!

The Arcade [SLurl]

*pic credits (items marked with ** are at The Arcade):

  • couch: Cheeky Pea - Lucille Corner Sofa (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • coffee table: Dust Bunny - lumberjack's table (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • crate seats: Tarte. - crate seat (Alixxbella Resident) **
  • puppy & kitten: ISPACHI -  CHERISHED MOMENTS Paws & Claws (Andred Qinan) **
  • side table: Lark - CC 2 - Drop Leaf Table (Sienia Trevellion) **
  • christmas tree: Dust Bunny - christmas tree RARE (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • tree skirt: MudHoney - Tree Skirt - dots (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • gift boxes: MudHoney - Shabby Giftboxes (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • crates: floorplan. - parisian crates (Tegan Serin) **
  • leaning framed print: floorplan. - the solar woman (Tegan Serin) *Kustom9
  • rug: ::GUDU::  -RugRug_b (Bersten Resident)
  • lit tree in bucket: Trompe Loeil - Bucket + Lit Branches (Cory edo) **

on coffee table:

  • letter rack: junk. - letter rack. (Tab Tatham) **
  • bowl of ornaments: Dust Bunny - winter bulbs (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • box of candles: floorplan. - candle box (Tegan Serin) **
  • wine bottles: {theosophy} - Eighteenth Amendment - Bottles (Trace Osterham) **

on side table:

  • box of ornaments: Dust Bunny  - box of ornaments (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • PEACE: Trompe Loeil - PEACE Letters (Cory Edo) **
  • books: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Book Stack (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • vase of twigs: Dust Bunny - twinkley twigs (lxlnoel Resident) **

on the wall:

  • mounted deer: Dust Bunny - porcelain deer (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • stars: Trompe Loeil - Wall Stars (Cory Edo) **
  • shelves: junk. - little house shelves. (Tab Tatham) **
  • star light: floorplan. - hanging star light (Tegan Serin) **


  • skybox: llorisen - mimi skybox (Elsa Wellesley) **

Authorelle kirshner

The December round of Collabor88 is open! This month's theme is Snow Day, and what better way to enjoy the snow than viewing it from a warm and cozy window seat? There are 2 versions available, light and dark, and the set includes all the accessories, as well as 4 color versions of the side table. You can also pick up just the tables, or just the accessories. The window seat is equipped with a few cuddly couple animations, too...you know, for warmth. ;)

The Snow Day Windowseat is available now, only at Collabor88! [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

The October round of The Men's Dept has begun! Second Spaces is participating this month with the Moby Storage Table set -- a rough and weathered industrial table, perfect for your entryway or your office! The set includes the framed prints and the book decor, and for the duration of TMD, the whole set is only $150L!

Second Spaces at TMD [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits below

*pic credits below

It's mid-month and we are in full-swing for ALL THE EVENTS. Please go visit them.

Here are quick links to those featured above. I'm here for your convenience. ♥

The Arcade [SLurl]

The Men's Dept [SLurl]

FaMESHed [SLurl]

*pic credits:

  • sofa: Cheeky Pea - Pinstripe Sofa (Isla Gealach)
  • barber chair: junk. - vintage barbers chair. (Tab Tatham) *TMD
  • coffee table: MudHoney - Campaign Coffee Table (Rayvn Hynes) *Arcade
  • large bookshelf: Sari-Sari - Old School - Shelf Unit (Stupidmonkey Resident) *Arcade
  • side table (between sofa and bookshelves): junk. - vintage barbers drawers. (Tab Tatham) *TMD
  • side table (between sofa and barber chair): AF - Stepladder Table (Apple Fall) *Arcade
  • side table (other side of barber chair): Cheeky Pea - Louis' Side Table (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • delicious treats (on side table): Cheeky Pea - Louis' Hot Apple Cider Goodies (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • tray (under treats): Cheeky Pea - Louis' Chalkboard Tray (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • telephone: tarte. - rotary phone (Alixxbella Resident) *Arcade
  • jar of lemon branches: [*Art Dummy!] - simple things. (lemon branches) (Gala Charron) *Arcade
  • vase of flowers: [ARIA] - Gretchen Peonies in a vase (Yelo Uriza) *Arcade
  • books with skull: ISON - books and skulls (Haryy Hyx) *Arcade
  • vase with feathers: AF - Pheasant Feathers (Apple Fall) *Arcade
  • puppy: ISPACHI - [Florian] Sleeping Puppy In Basket (Andred Qinan) *Arcade
  • rug: ::GUDU::  RugRug_b (BERSTEN Resident)
  • large framed art pieces: AF - Gilt Frames (Apple Fall) *Arcade
  • lighted star: Cheeky Pea - Louis' Star Light (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • mounted antlers: ISON - deer plate (Harry Hyx) *Arcade
  • small framed art pieces: Zaara [home] : Vintage frames (Zaara Kohime) *Arcade

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits below

*pic credits below

If you're not as busy as I am with getting to all the events and buying all the home decor things, then you may be doing it wrong. (not really, i love you ♥) 

That gorgeous leather sofa is from ARIA and is available for just a few more days at Collabor88. It's texture change with several gorgeous jewel tones, and the texturing and the sexy curves are absolutely perfect.

Oh, and The Arcade has started, in case you hadn't heard. ;) As always, so much wonderful home stuff to be had! Get over there as soon as you can!

Collabor88 {SLurl]

The Arcade [SLurl]

pic credits:

  • sofa: [ARIA] - Lydia sofa (Yelo Uriza) *C88
  • chaise: Cheeky Pea - Picardy Chaise (Isla Gealach) 
  • drawers side table: {vespertine} - stacked drawers table. (Amelie Knelstrom) *Arcade
  • books (on side table): [ARIA] - Lydia decorative book pile (Yelo Uriza) *C88
  • coffee table: 7 - Chinese Checkers Table (Agustkov Resident) *Arcade
  • ashtray (on coffee table): junk. - ashtray. (Tab Tatham) *No21
  • tarot cards (on coffee table): S O R G O - Tarot Cards (Arscene Dubrovna) *Arcade
  • sideboard: floorplan. - simple sideboard (Tegan Serin)*No21
  • mirror: junk. - arch mirror. black. (Tab Tatham) *No21
  • wall map: floorplan. hanging map / paris (Tegan Serin)
  • skull: Apple Fall - Deer Skull (Apple Fall) *TLC
  • wall telephone: junk. pipe telephone. (Tab Tatham) *Arcade
  • crate of pillows, blankets: [ARIA] - Gretchen blanket and pillows crate (Yelo Uriza) *Arcade
  • rug: floorplan. - peacock feather rug (Tegan Serin) *No21
  • fortune telling scale (in corner): 7 - Your Future (Agustkov Resident) *Arcade
  • nabequin: junk. - half man(nequin). (Tab Tatham) *Arcade
  • cat (on scale): Fashionable Dead - Cat - 10 Scared (Toast Bard) *Arcade

on sideboard:

  • potted lilies: [ keke ] - lilies (Kean Kelly)
  • tray of vases: MudHoney - Vases Tray (Rayvn Hynes) *Arcade
  • binoculars: Every Pixel Is Art - Binoculars (Darksider Alex) *Arcade
  • wooden vases: [ARIA] - Gretchen wooden vase pair (Yelo Uriza) *Arcade
  • wooden boxes: MudHoney - Wooden Boxes w/ Metal Diamond (Rayvn Hynes) *Arcade
  • metal fan w/photos: junk. - memory collector. (Tab Tatham) *Arcade
  • metal baskets: junk. - metal basket. (Tab Tatham) *Arcade
  • books: Sari-Sari - Old School - Library Books (Stupidmonkey Resident) *Arcade 
  • small wire baskets: Sari-Sari - Old School - Wire Baskets (Stupidmonkey Resident) *Arcade