I'm so excited about this month's Collabor88, open as of today! The theme for this round is 'My Love' AND it's also the C88 Prom round, which means that all the regular designers were able to invite guest designers to participate. My prom date is Elsa Wellesley of Llorisen, one of my favorite house builders, and she's got the most adorable little house available for the event. ♥

Gah, I love it. The Lils Shotgun Cottage is just 188L for the duration of C88, so be sure to grab it now!

From Second Spaces, I have the Amor Couches and Armoires, as well as some homemade Wall Art.

Both the couch and the armoire are available in 4 different colors, just 88L each, or you can get a full color pack of each for just 188L. The wall art comes with three different art options, and you get the whole set for 88L.

Get it all at Collabor88 from now until March 6!

Collabor88 [SLurl]

*pic credits below

*pic credits below

I'd nap there.

Get out there and shop those events, my friends. I  believe I have indeed run out of new adjectives to use to describe all the amazing (adjective!) home and decor items that my awesome (adjective!) fellow designers are putting out every month. It's insane (adjective!).

The Arcade [SLurl]

FaMESHed [SLurl]

Kustom9 [SLurl]

Collabor88 [SLurl]

The Liaison Collaborative [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • bed: Pixel Mode - Manchester Bed (Tya Fallingbridge) *TLC
  • chair: ISPACHI - [Florian] Chair (Andred Qinan) *Arcade
  • chest: ISPACHI - [Florian] Trunk (Andred Qinan) *Arcade
  • rug: junk. - splatter rug. (Tab Tatham) *Kustom9
  • ladder with plant: junk. - step ladder shelf. plant. (Tab Tatham) *Kustom9
  • stack of pill;ows: tarte. - pillow stack (Alixxbella Resident) *Arcade
  • hamper: Trompe Loeil - Classic Bathroom Hamper (Cory Edo) *FaMESHed
  • end table: Pixel Mode - Manchester - Endtable (Tya Fallingbridge) *TLC
  • wall hooks: floorplan. - hello wall hooks (Tegan Serin)
  • open box with stuff: Kalopsia - Old Box (Isabeau Baragula)
  • birdcage and metal bird: +Half-Deer+ - The Mad Scientist's Birdcage (Halogen Magic) *TLC
  • tulips (inside bird cage): MudHoney - Tulip Jug (Rayvn Hynes) *Arcade
  • floor lamps: Soy. - Old Photo light (Soyoy Resident) *The Men's Dept
  • pipe: Pixel Mode - Manchester - Wall Pipe (Tya Fallingbridge) *TLC
  • neon sign: floorplan. - motel miami (Tegan Serin) *C88
  • books w/ apple: MudHoney - Books w/ Apple (Rayvn Hynes) *Arcade
  • desk lamp: -tres blah- - Workspace - Gold Lamp (Julliette Westerburg) *Arcade
  • radio: floorplan. - transistor radio (Tegan Serin) *Kustom9
  • orange, purple heels: fri. - Gloria.Heels (Darling Monday) *C88
  • all other shoes: fri. (Darling Monday)
  • colored pencils with flowers: -tres blah- Workspace - Colored Pencils (Julliette Westerburg) *Arcade
  • notebook: Sari-Sari - Old School - Notebook (Stupidmonkey Resident) *Arcade
  • perfume bottles: Zaara [home] - Attar perfume bottles (Zaara Kohime) *Arcade
  • bowl of lemons: {LaCahute} - Lemon Bowl (Khea Karas)
  • build: 8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Coffee House (iBi Resident) *Arcade

*pic credits below

*pic credits below

I feel like if I lived here, small woodland creatures would help me dress every morning. That would probably leave more time for breakfast, really, and that can't be bad.

The darling house is the Rivershire Waterwheel from Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil, available right now at Collabor88. [SLurl]

Most of the pieces of that oh-so-serene picnic setting are from 8f8 and are available as a gacha right now at Seasons Story. [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • house: Trompe Loeil - Rivershire Waterwheel (Cory Edo) *C88
  • blanket with pillows, scattered stones: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout - Meadow Soft Spot (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • picnic basket: Vespertine - picnic basket (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • carved wood lanterns: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout set (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • keepsake box: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout - Precious Thoughts (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • decorative tree stumps: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout set (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • crate of soda: Consignment - Backyard Drive-In - Soda (Wavie Haller) *Seasons Story
  • blankets, folded: Vespertine - stack of blankets (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • side tables: floorplan. - coeur painted stool *resized* (Tegan Serin)
  • baguettes, fruits: Vespertine - baguette snack, fruit treats (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • saplings, trees (right at the back of the picnic blanket): 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout - Meadow Shrub, Tree (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • bench (in background against house): Oyasumi - branch bench (Kenzo Gateaux) *Kustom9
  • vase (in background): Oyasumi - vase /w plant (Kenzo Gateaux) *Kustom9
  • gnome: Mutresse - Sweetheart Gnome (Eeky Cioc)
  • old lawnmower (leaning against house): 7 - Old Mower (Agustkov Resident)

*pic credits below

*pic credits below

In case you haven't seen it yet, Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil has released the most amazing villa build in the history of ever. The Cortona Villas are available right now (until the end of the month) at FaMESHed and they are beautiful. Set to look like a precious little grouping of individual villas, the possibilities are endless for decorating. I love how it's like a little community all in one. Be sure to check it out in person RIGHT NOW so you can appreciate all the wonderfulness and the nooks and crannies all around. Perfect. ♥

Cortona Villas available right now at FaMESHed [SLurl]

*pic credits:

  • lamps: Trompe Loeil - Valiano Lamp Post (Cory Edo)
  • lights: Trompe Loeil - Valiano String Lights (Cory Edo)
  • bistro chairs: Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Chair (Cory Edo)
  • bistro tables: Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Table (Cory Edo)
  • chaise lounges (in the background): Trompe Loeil - Valiano Lounger with Blanket (Cory Edo)
  • build: Trompe Loeil - The Cortona Villas (Cory Edo) *FaMESHed
  • candles (on tables): MudHoney - Leslie Pillar Candle (Rayvn Hynes) *Home Show

food on front table

  • cake slices: 8f8 - Lazy Piece of Cake (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • cup of tea: Tres Blah - Tea Time - Tea Cup (Julliette Westerburg)
  • hot chocolate: erratic / home - hot chocolate marshmallows (Erratic Rain)

food on back left table

  • pancakes: ISPACHI - Pancake Breakfast (Andred Qinan)
  • latte: Standby Inc. - CH Gatcha - Latte (Sho Kenin)
  • tea and macaroon: LISP - Charlotte Nerd Teacup & Macaroon (Pandora Popstar)

food on back right table

  • plate of doughnuts: 8f8 - Doughnuts (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • PILOT - Cookie Bar Milk Glasses (Kaz Nayar)
  • jug of milk: erratic / home - milk jug (Erratic Rain)
  • bowl of pastry puffs: Tres Blah - Pastry Mania - Pastry Puffs (Julliette Westerburg)

*pic credits below

*pic credits below

See, told you there would be more. I had a lot more fun decorating this tiny little tower house than I expected to. It's the broch tuarach from Tegan Serin and floorplan. and it's available right now at TLC's The Garden

Oh, and THERE'S STILL MORE TO COME. [dramatic music]

The Garden [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • tower house: floorplan. - broch tuarach (Tegan Serin) *The Garden
  • couch: MudHoney - Tabatha Lounge (Rayvn Hynes)*The Garden
  • coffee table: PILOT - Marble Coffee Table (Kaz Nayar) *C88
  • tea service (on coffee table): Cheeky Pea - Rainey Bistro Tea Set  (Isla Gealach) *Seasons Story
  • map wall art: Bazar - Toronto-World map art (Ria Bazar) *Home Show
  • rug: The Loft - Taylor Rug (Colleen Desmoulins) *FaMESHed
  • cabinet: Standby Inc. - Lovely Cubby (Sho Kenin) *C88
  • bookshelf: Bazar - Toronto-Living room bookshelf (Ria Bazar) *Home Show
  • ottoman: Bazar - Toronto-Leather pouf (Ria Bazar) *Home Show
  • vase with flowers: The Loft - Bennet Magnolia Vase (Colleen Desmoulins) *C88
  • basket of pillows: Bazar - Toronto-Throw pillows basket (Ria Bazar) *Home Show
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea has an adorably precious new set out at this month's FaMESHed -- the Salcombe Gazebo. With longing thoughts of spring, the gazebo is gorgeously constructed with lovely lattice walls and a semi-transparent roof to let the sunshine filter through on those gorgeous spring days that MUST be just around the corner. Right? Please?

The Salcombe set includes that beautiful couch (and a few other pieces) - the couch is so lovely with its springy color pallette and the perfectly draped pillows and throw. Isla does some of the best fabric draping ever. ♥

See the whole set at FaMESHed! [SLurl]

Find lots of great things to go with the set at The Arcade [SLurl]! We love mixing and matching!

*pic credits

  • couch: Cheeky Pea - Salcombe Sofa (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • gazebo structure: Cheeky Pea - Salcombe Gazebo (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • chairs: Tres Blah - Spring Living - Chairs (Juliette Westerburg) *Arcade
  • ottoman (between chairs): Cheeky Pea - Salcombe Pouffe (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • coffee table (light one): Cheeky Pea - Abbotsford Side Table (modified) (Isla Gealach)
  • coffee table (dark one): Zigana - tiny table (Nalena Fairey)
  • rug: Zaara [home] - Ikat dhurrie rug (Zaara Kohime) *Arcade
  • books (on couch): Tres Blah - Spring Living - Vintage Books (Julliette Westerburg) *Arcade
  • large floor plant: Cheeky Pea - Salcombe Planter (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • small floor plant: Zigana  - weeds . two (Nalena Fairey) *Arcade
  • stacks of books (in front of yellow chair): AF - Reading Pile (Apple Fall) *Arcade
  • book, glasses (in yellow chair): Zaara [home]  - Chai assortment (Zaara Kohime) *Arcade
  • flowers in vases (on ottoman): The Secret Store - Wild Flowers (Maylee Oh) *Arcade
  • books with magnifying glass (in front of blue chair): Vespertine - book of scientist (Amelie Knelstrom) *Arcade
  • bunch of daisies (on open book): The Secret Store - Wild Flowers (Maylee Oh) *Arcade
  • empty pots: Zigana - empties (Nalena Fairey) *Arcade
  • lilies in vase: AF - Calla Lilies (Apple Fall) *arcade
  • tray of coffee: B.C.C. -YumYum Mochi Tea coffee set tray (Vitamingirl Resident) *Arcade 

in the background:

  • clothesline: Tres Blah - Spring Living - Clothesline (Julliette Westerburg) *Arcade
  • red and yellow flowers: 8f8 - Poppy Hearts, Butter Ups (8f8 Resident) *Arcade
  • white fence: 8f8 - Fancy Fence (8f8 Resident) *Arcade
  • trees/underbrush: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

The January round of Collabor88 is ending soon, so  let me slide in under the wire to show you the latest amazing house from Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil: the Sparrow Hill Lodge.

I may have said this on the blog before, but I'mma say it again anyway: I need a full sim where I can just set up all of Cory's houses and decorate them to my heart's content, and then live happily ever after in my own private little housing development.

As for Sparrow Hill, it's only 288L for the duration of Collabor88, so be sure to get over there before the 7th! The house is full of soaring windows and lots of open space for decorating, a lovely wraparound porch, and of course gorgeous textures and shadows as all of Cory's houses have. Another job spectacularly well done. ♥

Grab the Sparrow Hill Lodge at C88 while you still can! [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • house: Trompe Loeil - Sparrow Hill Lodge (Cory Edo)
  • porch seating: junk. - pigeon street seat. (Tab Tatham)
  • rug: MudHoney - Honey Apple Rug (Rayvn Hynes)
  • cushions: junk. - cushion pile. (Tab Tatham)
  • planters (beside door): Cheeky Pea - Outdoor Movies Planter (Isla Gealach)
  • fountain: Trompe Loeil - Ines Wall Fountain (Cory Edo) *FaMESHed
  • potting shelf: Sari-Sari - Potting Shelf (Stupidmonkey Resident)
  • rain barrel, water hose: PILOT (Kaz Nayar)
  • snowy trees: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)
  • snow ground cover and forms: Studio Skye (Alex Bader)

Authorelle kirshner
edit 1.jpg

You guys know I usually like to do a bit of "set dressing" when I have a house or skybox to show you - I like to show the possibilities with the space. HOWEVER, with the Ciaran Skybox from Llorisen, I felt like any extra details would detract from the awesomeness of this space. I SHALL NOT DETRACT.

As far as I know, Llorisen is a fairly new shop. Designer Elsa Wellesley has a shop on The Pea with really just a tiny little inventory so far...a few decor items, and this amazing skybox. I really like the layout of the Ciaran, and I lovelovelove the details of the built-in window seat and the rug on the steps. Gorgeous. What blows me away the most, though, is the perfect light and shadow that Elsa achieved in her textures. To be clear, I am NOT using any sort of SL shadows in these pics. I'm using my standard windlight, which is the Avatar Opt2 Whiter (or something like that), which is like total full bright, no shadows anywhere. (This is why I want all the things to have shading baked in.) The only tool I used when I took these pics was the SL depth of field function. Everything else is exactly what you see here. Know how sometimes designers will show pictures of their items as renders from Maya or Blender, etc? And they look amazing, but then not always exactly as amazing once you see them in SL? This skybox looks like a render come to life in SL. Says me.

edit 2.jpg
edit 3.jpg
edit 4.jpg
edit 5.jpg


The house comes with a HUD to change the textures on the rug and on the window seat cushions. It also lets you turn on/off the patches of sunlight on the floor, like in that last picture. This space has so much room for lots of creative decorating, without feeling overwhelming or cold. I may decorate it just for fun for my own enjoyment, and that NEVER happens.

My hope is that this is just the first of many skyboxes, and (more) hopefully full houses, that we'll see from Llorisen. Fingers crossed!

Visit Llorisen on The Pea [SLurl]


**OH! I just noticed on Elsa's profile that she's retiring everything in February. :( So be sure to get over there quick-like!**

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

I'm so excited to see a new house from the creative team at NOTsoBAD!!! Designers Reda Bertolucci and Emilie Freund have recently released the ROKEYA house, a gorgeous mesh piece that has a lovely, warm, almost southwestern feel to it.

edit 1.jpg
edit 3.jpg

The ROKEYA has a simple one-room open layout, with plenty of space for decorating. I love the exposed brick texture on that one wall, and I am always a fan of beams and columns. I do have SL shadows turned on in the very first pic of this post, but NOT in the 3 pics just above this paragraph. I wanted to be sure you could see the amazing light and shadow that's baked right into the mesh. Gorgeous.

See the ROKEYA house at NOTsoBAD right now! [SLurl]

*pic credits:

  • house: NOTsoBAD - ROKEYA house (Reda Bertolucci)
  • bench with firepits: NOTsoBAD - part of the ROKEYA house (Reda Bertolucci)
  • rocking chairs: Atelier Visconti - Mont Blanc Rocking Chair (Stephan Visconti) *The Garden
  • fountain: Atelier Visconti - Fountain Clover Snowy (Stephan Visconti) *The Garden
  • snow textures/formations: Studio Skye (Alex Bader)
  • snowy trees: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

The Willoughby Lake House from Trompe Loeil was a late entry to this month's Collabor88 - you know how hectic this time of year can be. To make up for it, though, designer Cory Edo is offering the WIlloughby for only 88L for the rest of the month. INSANITY. This is another gorgeous house from Cory - great textures, a cozy layout, lots of gorgeous windows, and a lovely wraparound porch. It also includes the snow topper you can see in the pic - perfect for your winter set up!

Be sure to get over to Collabor88 ASAP to pick up the Willoughby Lake House for just 88L! 

Collabor88 [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • house: Trompe Loeil - Willoughby Lakehouse (Cory Edo) *C88
  • wood figures: Cheeky Pea - Manly Snowman and Snowlady (Isla Gealach) *The Men's Dept
  • metal topiaries: MudHoney - Metal Tree Topiary (Rayvn Hynes)
  • marquee light: floorplan. - xmas tree marquee (Tegan Serin)
  • boxes, bag of mail: Alouette - Santa's Workshop set (Scarlet Chandrayaan) *Arcade
  • branch with ornaments: Sway's - Holiday branch (Sway Dench)
  • bench: *Art Dummy! - wait. bench (Gala Charron)
  • packages (under bench): Zigana . - holiday spirit . gifts (Nalena Fairey) *Arcade
  • christmas tree (seen in window on the left): Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2013 Tree (Cory Edo) *FaMESHed
  • christmas tree (seen in window on the right) AF - Christmas Tree (Apple Fall) *Arcade
  • snow generator, formations, textures: Studio Skye (Alex Bader)
  • snowy trees: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

It may not be obvious from that pic above, but really, what I'm highlighting here is the Industrial Loft skybox from Barnesworth Anubis, currently available at Collabor88. The skybox itself is a nice open-concept layout with just a few basic interior details, which  makes it a great sort of blank palette canvas for decorating. The details that strike my fancy are ALL THE WINDOWS. I love 'em. Two walls of windows and glass doors, and then wonderfully large skylights along the entire roof line. If you're using shadows, this loft is going to look amazing with the light streaming in through all those windows. I love it!! That was the best part of the pic above - playing with the shadow settings to get that wonderful criss cross of light. ♥

Here's a better view of the whole thing and ALL THE WINDOWS:

blog 1.jpg

Get over to Collabor88 before Dec 7 to pick up the Industrial Loft! [SLurl]

*credits from first pic

  • chairs: Trompe Loeil - Industrial Lounger (Cory Edo) *C88
  • fireplace: [ba] - white fireplace with candles (Barnesworth Anubis)
  • low table: floorplan. - map chest (Tegan Serin)
  • books (on mantel): AF - Books (Apple Fall)
  • paintings: Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Abstract Art (Cory Edo)
  • beer crate, bottle: Vespertine - original beer crate (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • chinese takeout: {af} - Chinese (Apple Fall)
  • sushi: [Breno] - Sushi Set (Alphawolf19 Resident)
  • marquee light: floorplan. - eiffel tower marquee (Tegan Serin)
  • tray of nails, hammer: Cheeky Pea & Consignment - Cobblers Room Nailtray (Isla Gealach/Wavie Haller)
  • boots: DECO - Jumpboots (Gutterblood Spoonhammer)
  • sneakers: Redgrave - Sneakers Miles (Viola Leigh)
  • amp and guitar: Standby Inc. - World Tour (Sho Kenin)
  • suitcases: Vespertine - machinarium suitcase (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • boxes (next to marquee light): Tartessos Arts - Boxes (Nico Griffith)
  • boxes (next to those ^ boxes): PILOT - Dollhouse Attic Boxes (Kaz Nayar)
  • open file box: Standby Inc. - Box Bin (Sho Kenin)
  • white fileboxes: Second Spaces - messy bookshelf (Elle Kirshner)
  • other random boxes: product/vendor boxes from Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach), NOTsoBAD (Emilie Freund), Junk (Tab Tatham)CP: Kath and Shay Ball Chairs BOX
  • house: [ba] - industrial loft (Barnesworth Anubis) *C88

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

I've been a fan of Scarlet Creative and designer Charlotte Bartlett for as long as I can remember. Her houses are always so very interesting and well done - modern, but with a little quirkiness that I really enjoy. For a long time, her primary aesthetic for her houses was a very definite white palette, which made perfect sense with her sleek lines. Her past few releases, though, are going in a different direction, and I LOVE IT. We're seeing a lot more wood and mix of textures - still a neutral palette but with so much more depth. PLEASE DO THIS ALWAYS, CHARLOTTE. ♥

The house above is the Neva Captain House, available right now at Collabor88. Great textures, as mentioned, and a fun layout. It's kind of a split-level feel, with cozy spaces for living, dining, office, and even bathroom - there's a lovely sunken tub built right in. I love all the curves in this build, too - the roof line and the arch, with those lovely oversized windows, are all very pleasing to the eye.

Check out the Neva Captain House right now at Collabor88! [SLurl]

*pic credits:

  • house: Scarlet Creative for Scarlet Apple - Neva Captain House (Charlotte Bartlett)
  • grass: Turnip's - Long Dry Grass (Turnip Sorbet)
  • trees, underbrush: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

outdoor furniture/decor:

  • cafe table, chairs: fri.home - cafe table set (Darling Monday/Tegan Serin)
  • outdoor sink: +ILO+ - Garden Basin (Zozo Raven)
  • buckets: POST - Old Water Well Pail (Van Auster)
  • caramel apples: floorplan. - caramel apple platter (Tegan Serin)
  • cake stand: Culprit - Petit Cakestand (Eku Zhong)
  • drinks: floorplan. - crate of pumpkin ale (Tegan Serin)
  • water hose: PILOT - Water Hose (Kaz Nayar)
  • shelves: PILOT - Potted Plant Shelves (Kaz Nayar)

Authorelle kirshner
 *pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post

It's a new(ish) month and that means new cycles for all of our favorite events. The Garden is actually just about to close its October round, so make sure you get over there, like, today! Collabor88 and FaMESHed have started their new rotations and there are some gorgeous things for your space at both events. Of course.

At C88 this month, Kaz Nayar of [PILOT] has a gorgeous new bedroom set. This bed has a great tufted leather headboard - it's masculine, but not macho, so it really works for anyone. I love the bedding, too - just the right amount of crumple with the bedspread, and the sheets are tintable so you can customize it a bit. And honestly, my favorite piece of the set is that storage basket you see under the bench. It's so cute and has just the perfect slouchiness to it. Well done!

There's a whole lot more to see from both events, and I'mma work on that, but in the meantime get over there and see for yourself! 

Collabor88 [SLurl

FaMESHed [SLurl

The Garden (this round ends Nov 10) [SLurl]

 *pic credits:

** items at C88

// items at FaMESHed

^^ items at The Garden

  • bed: PILOT - Tufted Leather Bed (Kaz Nayar) **
  • bench: PILOT - Hairpin Bench (Kaz Nayar) **
  • chair: Cheeky Pea - Bailey Chair (Isla Gealach) //
  • locker doors: floorplan. - the optometrist's locker (Tegan Serin)
  • sideboard: Second Spaces - lovely sideboard (Elle Kirshner)
  • wall lamps: floorplan. - hanging lightbulb (Tegan Serin)
  • film canisters: Second Spaces - 8mm nostalgia set (Elle Kirshner)
  • tray with tea, macaroons: LISP - Charlotte Home Lemon Tea Tray (Pandora Popstar)
  • sculpture: ISPACHI - Gazelle's Head (Diarmuid Miklos)
  • basket (under bench): PILOT - Storage Basket (Kaz Nayar) **
  • rug: MudHoney - Eva Rug (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • clock: Seven Emporium - The Filmore Factory Clock (Agustkov Resident)
  • poster: Paper Moon - Carnival Posters (Sohma Dix)
  • side table (next to chair): Second Spaces - Eure Drafting Stool (Elle Kirshner)
  • flowers: Trompe Loeil - Kumotori Flower Arrangement (Cory Edo) //
  • basket of apples, single apple: Trompe Loeil - Apple Basket (Cory Edo) ^^
  • sexy words: MudHoney - Sexy Wall Decor (Rayvn Hynes)
  • skull: Five Minutes After - Cow skull (Agathe Latte)
  • old frame: llorisen - paint splattered old frame (Elsa Wellesley)
  • books (on sideboard): AF - Books (Apple Fall)
  • abacus: Second Spaces - vintage abacus (Elle Kirshner)
  • sculpture (on sideboard): MudHoney - Horn Sculpture (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • cup of tea and macaroon: LISP - Charlotte Home Teacup & Macaroon (Pandora Popstar)
  • books (on floor): Second Spaces - messy bookshelf books (Elle Kirshner)
  • On Air: Seven Emporium - On Air Box (Agustkov Resident)
  • random lightbulb: Seven Emporum - Floor Bulb (Agustkov Resident)
  • hose: [ba] - bozeman barn (Barnesworth Anubis) ^^


Authorelle kirshner
 *pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post

It is a new month, but thankfully The Garden is still on until the 10th! That gives you a little over a week to fulfill all your lodge-y needs. 

Winter Thorn and {what next} have a super adorable camping set available for you - that tent is just perfection. The set includes a sleeping bag and camp chairs and logs for sitting and really cute accessories and that great metal firepit - everything you need for a weekend communing with nature.  (Watch out for bears.)

Those chairs are also available at The Garden from Wavie Haller and Consignment - it's a great adirondack-style chair with a fun and unexpected twist of using the recycled boards for the back (skis? snowboards? no idea, but they're cute). That bathtub is also also available at The Garden, offered by River Stromfield and 11th Hour. I love that all these pieces from different designers work together so well! Yay for themes! Yay for great designers! Yay for bears!

Find most of this stuff at The Garden! [SLurl

 *pic credits:

**items available at The Garden 

  • tent, campfire, log bench: {what next} - Pine Ridge set (Winter Thorn) **
  • chairs: Consignment - Montane Slingback Chair (Wavie Haller) **
  • crates: {what next} - Pine Ridge Crate Table (Winter Thorn) **
  • bathtub: 11th Hour - Everett Bathtub (River Stromfield) **
  • mounted bear head: .:Standby Inc. - Faux-idermy - Momma Bear (Sho Kenin) **
  • sleeping bag: {what next} - Pine Ridge Double Sleeping Bag (Winter Thorn) **
  • books (in tent): floorplan. - book clutter (Tegan Serin)
  • lanterns, mug, kettle, cooking pot: {what next} Pine Ridge set (Winter Thorn) **
  • beer crate and bottles: Vespertine - beer crate (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • water pump: POST - Askov Water Well Pump (Van Auster)
  • basket of apples: Trompe Loeil - Apple Basket (Cory Edo) **
  • marshmallows: Cheeky Pea - S'mores Camp Marshmallow Roaster (Isla Gealach)
  • string lights: Cheeky Pea - S'mores Camp Lights (Isla Gealach)
  • bear family: Sculpty Creations Animals - grizzly family (Jon Haskell)
  • grass, groundcover: Heart Garden (Lilith Heart)
  • trees, underbrush: Botanical (Kriss Lehman)


Authorelle kirshner
edit 1.jpg

There's a new house available at reBourne - the Geneve. I was invited to a sneak preview so I was able to snap a few pics. Like all the houses from designer Danny Bourne, the Geneve has gorgeous textures and amazing shadow and light. (SL shadows are NOT turned on for any of these pics.) It's a smaller house, which really keeps it feeling cozier than a lot of modern-style houses do. The use of so much wood texturing lends a lot of warmth to it, as well. 

edit 3.jpg
edit 4.jpg

I also love the added detail of the trees "reflected" in the windows. That's a very subtle touch that's really very pleasing to the eye.  If you look closely at all the windows, you'll see that there are subtle reflections everywhere - from the inside, you can see the interior reflected. That's serious attention to the detail.

edit 5.jpg

Also, is it me, or does that shower wall look totally realistic? It's a gorgeous shower anyway, but that stone wall is just amazing. 

The Geneve is available now at reBourne - go see! [SLurl

Authorelle kirshner
 *pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post

Cory Edo has given us another amazingly gorgeous house from Trompe Loeil. The Autumn Cottage is currently available at Collabor88 and it's wonderfully dreamy. I predict that it will make you want to sip hot chocolate while wrapped up in a blanket and sitting by the fire, alternating between reading your favorite book and roasting marshmallows over that fire, all the while daydreaming about jumping in piles of beautiful yellow, orange, and red leaves. It's just that good. ♥ 

See the Autumn Cottage at Collabor88! [SLurl

*pic credits

  • house: Trompe Loeil - Autumn Cottage (Cory Edo) *at Collabor88
  • outbuilding: POST - Hurley Rural Garage (Van Auster)
  • water trough and spigot: POST -Old Spigot / Water Trough (Van Auster)
  • vintage stand up heater: Consignment - Boneyard Patio Heater (Wavie Haller) *at The Garden
  • milk cans: +ILO+ - Milk Can v2 (Zozo Raven)
  • apple crates: floorplan. (Tegan Serin)
  • garden tools and supplies: PILOT (Kaz Nayar)
  • trees/underbrush: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)
  • grasses/groundcover: Heart Garden (Lilith Heart)


 *pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post

By Dorian is a fairly-new-to-me shop by designer Dorian Meredith. Dorian was kind enough to send me a review folder to check out, and I was really excited with what I found! She sent along her latest house (at least it was her latest at the time she sent it to me, but you guys know how slow I am) - the Log Cabin. As log cabins go, it's pretty straight-forward and simple, in a really good way. It's mesh and it's textured very well, and most exciting for me is that it's got just the right amount of shading and depth. I am SO picky about that, and this cabin did not disappoint! 

blog 1.jpg

The Log Cabin comes with or without a built-in kitchen, which is a great option to have. The kitchen that is included is pretty cute, though - so if you're looking for an easy setup, go with that option!  

The stone fireplace is a gorgeous focal point in the main room, and the loft is perfect for a cozy bedroom. I love the timber beams on the ceiling, and I always love dormer windows. Dorian has really just done a super job with this house. ♥ 


blog 2.jpg

It's hard to see, I realize, but there is a split rail fence in that first pic, and that's also from By Dorian. So far, she's only got a few houses available but they're all cute, cozy, and well-done. She's also got a really cute covered bridge available in several colors that would be a perfect landscape accessory. You really need to go check out By Dorian. You. Yes, you.  

By Dorian [SLurl

*credits for first pic

  • house: By Dorian - Log Cabin (Dorian Meredith)

in the yard:

  • fence: By Dorian (Dorian Meredith)
  • crate table, lounger: Cheeky Pea - S'mores Camp set (Isla Gealach)
  • chair: Cheeky Pea - Margarita Chair (Isla Gealach)
  • campfire, log, lights: Cheeky Pea - S'mores Camp set (Isla Gealach)
  • basket, marchmallows, food, matches: Cheeky Pea - S'mores Camp set (Isla Gealach)
  • trees and grasses are from Botanical (Kriss Lehmann) and Heart Garden (Lilith Heart)

on the porch:

  • plant: floorplan. dirigible sapling (Tegan Serin)
  • crates of ale, empty crates: floorplan. (Tegan Serin)
  • chairs: junk. - recycled theatre seats. (Tab Tatham)
  • wood wall art: Cheeky Pea - Driftwood Silhouettes (Isla Gealach) *The Men's Dept
  • cheers sign: floorplan. - cheers marquee light (Tegan Serin) 

Authorelle kirshner
 *pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post

There are still a few days left in this month's round of Collabor88! DON'T MISS IT. 

This lovely modern house is the Modern Villa from Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil, and is available at Collabor88 right now. RIGHT NOW. It's another amazing mesh piece from Cory - great shapes, perfect shading, and lots of space without feeling cavernous. While my house preference is always cottage, I do enjoy a well-done modern build, and the floorplan that Cory has laid out in this house is really fun. Outside, the large patio and gorgeously landscaped pool feel quite glamorous! (All the plants around the pool and against the front windows are included with the house. Easy!) This is a must-see!! 

The Modern Villa at Collabor88 [SLurl

*pic credits

  • house: Trompe Loeil - Modern Villa (Cory Edo)
  • pool bench: Warm - Bench (Warmanimations Lisa)
  • massage table: Warm - Massage Table (Warmanimations Lisa)
  • hamper: Warm - Hamper (Warmanimations Lisa)
  • towels: Warm - towel (Warmanimations Lisa)
  • bottles (under massage table):[ keke ] - drop bottle (Kean Kelly) *available at The Arcade, starting September 1
  • lounge chairs: Cheeky Pea - Outdoor Movies Lounger (Isla Gealach)
  • ottoman: Cheeky Pea - Outdoor Movies Pouffe (Isla Gealach)
  • open book (on ottoman): .encore. - Thrift Book (Alixxbella Resident)
  • rug: .encore. - Shabby Rug (Alixxbella Resident)
  • tables and chairs: Warm - Outdoor Table (Warmanimations Lisa)
  • breakfast, flower in vase: Warm - outdoor table set (Warmanimations Lisa)
  • trash cash: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Waste Bin (Paco Pooley)
  • fencing: Botanical - Lattice Fence (Kriss Lehmann)
  • hills: Skye Designs - Land Forms (Alex Bader)
  • trees: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann) 


Authorelle kirshner
 *pic credits at end of post

 *pic credits at end of post

The truth is out there.

We’re about halfway through this round of TLC’s The Garden and its Area 51 theme. There is so much spacey goodness that you need to check out – truly, all the designs are out of this world (because aliens)!

In the picture, we’ve got the Roswell Caravan from Isla Gealach and Cheeky Pea, and the UFO from Tya Fallingbridgeand Pixel Mode. That caravan is just perfect — all the little cabinets inside and a messy little sleeping bunk – exactly what you need for your next UFO-tracking excursion. The UFO is actually meant to be attached and worn so that you can go floating around in your own little UFO, which is the height of preciousness. It’s pretty heavy in land impact, so you may not want to rez it, like, forever…but hell, what do I know about what you want to do? YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT.

ALSO, GO TO THE GARDEN. It’s what the little green men would want. [SLurl]


*pic credits

  • UFO: Pixel Mode – UFO (Tya Fallingbridge) *The Garden
  • camper: Cheeky Pea – Roswell Caravan (Isla Gealach) *The Garden
  • jukebox: Standby Inc. – Retro Jukebox (Sho Kenin) *The Garden
  • alien and ufo lawn ornaments: .Olive. – the Alien Lawn Gnome (Naminaeko Resident) *The Garden
  • sink: +ILO+ – Garden Basin (zozo Raven)
  • chairs: Cheeky Pea – Tyne Camping Chair (Isla Gealach)
  • grill, cooler, picnic table: Cheeky Pea – Cassie Picnic set (Isla Gealach)
  • flamingo: Zigana – home made flamingo (Nalena Fairey)