*pic credits below

*pic credits below

I feel like if I lived here, small woodland creatures would help me dress every morning. That would probably leave more time for breakfast, really, and that can't be bad.

The darling house is the Rivershire Waterwheel from Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil, available right now at Collabor88. [SLurl]

Most of the pieces of that oh-so-serene picnic setting are from 8f8 and are available as a gacha right now at Seasons Story. [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • house: Trompe Loeil - Rivershire Waterwheel (Cory Edo) *C88
  • blanket with pillows, scattered stones: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout - Meadow Soft Spot (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • picnic basket: Vespertine - picnic basket (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • carved wood lanterns: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout set (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • keepsake box: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout - Precious Thoughts (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • decorative tree stumps: 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout set (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • crate of soda: Consignment - Backyard Drive-In - Soda (Wavie Haller) *Seasons Story
  • blankets, folded: Vespertine - stack of blankets (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • side tables: floorplan. - coeur painted stool *resized* (Tegan Serin)
  • baguettes, fruits: Vespertine - baguette snack, fruit treats (Amelie Knelstrom)
  • saplings, trees (right at the back of the picnic blanket): 8f8 - Our Secret Hideout - Meadow Shrub, Tree (8f8 Resident) *Seasons Story
  • bench (in background against house): Oyasumi - branch bench (Kenzo Gateaux) *Kustom9
  • vase (in background): Oyasumi - vase /w plant (Kenzo Gateaux) *Kustom9
  • gnome: Mutresse - Sweetheart Gnome (Eeky Cioc)
  • old lawnmower (leaning against house): 7 - Old Mower (Agustkov Resident)