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Out now for the December round of The Arcade! It's the Homemade Holiday gacha set - full of homemade goodies for giving or keeping, and made with love all the way. There are 10 commons and 1 rare item, and it's 75L per play.

Exclusively at The Arcade now through Dec 31!

Second Spaces at The Arcade [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

The December round of The Arcade is open!

This time from Second Spaces we have the Preparing For a Feast gacha set - all the things you need to whip up your most scrumptious holiday meal yet!

There are 10 mini-sets in all: 9 commons and 1 rare, and each mini-set is just 1 LI. It's 75L per play, and it can only be found at The Arcade for the month of December!

The Arcade [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits below

*pic credits below

Can't think of what to say that doesn't sound like my standard broken record of "amazing! gorgeous! perfection!" - and truly, all of that does apply here. However, instead, I will simply say this: Apple Fall does "weathered" really really really well. ♥

Apple Fall at The Arcade [SLurl]

*pic credits (items marked with ** can be found at The Arcade):

  • build: AF - English Folly RARE (Apple Fall) **
  • bed: tarte. - december bed (Alixxbella Resident) *FaMESHed
  • shutter picture holder: tarte. - repurposed shutter (Alixxbella Resident) **
  • rug: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Carpet (iBi Resident) **
  • desk: AF - Secretary Desk (Apple Fall) **
  • books: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Book Stack (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • clock: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Desk Clock (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • candles: MudHoney - Candle Plate (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • oil lamp: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Oil Lamp Painted White (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • ink bottles: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Ink Trio (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • magnifying glass: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Magnifying Glass (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • letters: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Confidential Note (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • tea: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - My Cup of Tea (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • box of logs/branches: MudHoney - Log Box (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • luggage cart: floorplan. - bellhop trolley (Tegan Serin) *Uber
  • christmas tree: AF - Tabletop Tree (Apple Fall) **
  • vanity: Cheeky Pea - Bureau de Brioude (Isla Gealach) *Uber
  • stepladder: AF - Stepladder Table (Apple Fall)
  • bottle of feathers: AF - Pheasant Feathers (Apple Fall)
  • chandelier: Zaara [home] - Chandelier (Zaara Kohime)
  • comb: Zaara [home] - Camelbone box and comb set (Zaara Kohime)
  • phone: Zaara [home] - Antique telephone (Zaara Kohime)
  • toiletry items on tray: Tres Blah - Vanity - Platter of Treasures (Julliette Westerburg)
  • makeup: Zaara [home] - Kohl-tikka pots (Zaara Kohime)
  • perfume: Zaara [home] - Attar perfume bottles (Zaara Kohime)
  • misc toiletries: Tres Blah - Vanity - Toiletries (Julliette Westerburg)
  • jewelry hanger: Tres Blah - Vanity - Jewelry Tree (Julliette Westerburg)

*pic credits below

*pic credits below

Ispachi's set for The Arcade is a collection of THE MOST ADORABLE animal pairs. You know how we always wish that we had SL things in RL? I WANT THOSE ARCTIC FOXES. ♥

Get over to The Arcade! [SLurl]

*pic credits (items marked with ** are from The Arcade):

  • house: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Granny's Cottage RARE (8f8 Resident) **
  • chair: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - My Knit Chair (8f8 Resident) **
  • bucket with candles: Lark - CC 3 - Candle Bucket (Sienia Trevellion) **
  • basket of apples: 8f8 - Granny'y Winter Cottage - Apple Basket (8f8 Resident) **
  • stack of fire wood: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Fire Wood (8f8 Resident) **
  • reindeer: ISPACHI - CHERISHED MOMENTS - Reindeer (Andred Qinan) **
  • foxes: ISPACHI - CHERISHED MOMENTS - Arctic Foxes (Andred Qinan) **
  • owls: ISPACHI - CHERISHED MOMENTS - Snowy Owls (Andred Qinan) **
  • sled: Vespertine - sledge/natural (Amelie Knelstrom) **
  • fence: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Picket Fence (8f8 Resident) **
  • christmas tree (in the window): Dust Bunny . christmas tree RARE (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • snow drifts, snow textures: Studio Skye (Alex Bader)
  • snowy trees, undergrowth: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

*pic credits below

*pic credits below

I haven't been able to blog for blog's sake in quite a long while. Just to keep up with the shop and the events, I've had to put good old fashioned blogging on the back burner. I expect it will be that way going forward for an indefinite amount of time (which I've let my contributing designers know), BUT at this very moment and hopefully for a few weeks, I've got some time. While I can, I want to make pretty pics and show them to you, so I'mma give that a shot.

The Arcade is open for the December round, and ohmygoodness, the decor. ♥ So much gorgeousness. I can't really highlight one specific designer's set in this post -- the scene is made up of a lot of pieces from different sets, and I love how so much of it works together so well. It's another amazing round that must be seen!

The Arcade [SLurl]

*pic credits (items marked with ** are at The Arcade):

  • couch: Cheeky Pea - Lucille Corner Sofa (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • coffee table: Dust Bunny - lumberjack's table (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • crate seats: Tarte. - crate seat (Alixxbella Resident) **
  • puppy & kitten: ISPACHI -  CHERISHED MOMENTS Paws & Claws (Andred Qinan) **
  • side table: Lark - CC 2 - Drop Leaf Table (Sienia Trevellion) **
  • christmas tree: Dust Bunny - christmas tree RARE (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • tree skirt: MudHoney - Tree Skirt - dots (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • gift boxes: MudHoney - Shabby Giftboxes (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • crates: floorplan. - parisian crates (Tegan Serin) **
  • leaning framed print: floorplan. - the solar woman (Tegan Serin) *Kustom9
  • rug: ::GUDU::  -RugRug_b (Bersten Resident)
  • lit tree in bucket: Trompe Loeil - Bucket + Lit Branches (Cory edo) **

on coffee table:

  • letter rack: junk. - letter rack. (Tab Tatham) **
  • bowl of ornaments: Dust Bunny - winter bulbs (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • box of candles: floorplan. - candle box (Tegan Serin) **
  • wine bottles: {theosophy} - Eighteenth Amendment - Bottles (Trace Osterham) **

on side table:

  • box of ornaments: Dust Bunny  - box of ornaments (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • PEACE: Trompe Loeil - PEACE Letters (Cory Edo) **
  • books: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Book Stack (Tya Fallingbridge) **
  • vase of twigs: Dust Bunny - twinkley twigs (lxlnoel Resident) **

on the wall:

  • mounted deer: Dust Bunny - porcelain deer (lxlnoel Resident) **
  • stars: Trompe Loeil - Wall Stars (Cory Edo) **
  • shelves: junk. - little house shelves. (Tab Tatham) **
  • star light: floorplan. - hanging star light (Tegan Serin) **


  • skybox: llorisen - mimi skybox (Elsa Wellesley) **

Authorelle kirshner

It's Fifty Linden Friday at Second Spaces, and I've got a tiny little set to help you get on with your holiday tasks! The Holiday Cards set includes all the little pieces you need to get those cards in the mail...or at least to LOOK like you're getting those cards in the mail. IT IS ALL ABOUT APPEARANCES.

Pick up the Holiday Cards set for just 50L, today only!

Second Spaces [SLurl]

Please join the Fifty Linden Fridays group inworld, or follow our Flickr for updates from our designers!

Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item.  Each week the designers and items will rotate.  The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.  You can get the items by following the LMs in this note.

This week, the designers are:


Happy shopping!! <3

The name ‘Fifty Linden Fridays’, all text contained within this notecard, any advertising and promotional material, along with the group charter for the Fifty Linden Fridays group is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

The December round of The Arcade is open!! As always, there are amazing and gorgeous things to be had, from some of SL's best. The event runs all month, so there's plenty of time to get in there and satisfy your gacha cravings!

Second Spaces is so happy to participate again in this round! This time, I have the Wrap It Up set, complete with all the little details you need to set up the perfect gift wrapping station! There are 12 items to win - 2 are Rares - and the machine is 75L per play. Happy wrapping!!

The Arcade [SLurl]

***UPDATE*** Tag! Haunted Studio has opened early and is open now!! Get going!

Hi! Second Spaces is excited to be part of the TAG! Gacha Haunted Studio event starting at 11:30PM SLT tonight and running through Oct 31. It's a HUD-driven gacha experience with 50 participating shops -- please check their blog for more info about the event, a link to the starting location, and how to play:

My gacha set is the Monster's Study -- even monsters need a place to get away and study their craft. The set is made up of:

- barred door: to discourage folks from coming in...OR GETTING OUT
- apothecary chest: a quaint repurposed piece with lots of little drawers and cubbies for storing the things most important to murder weapons. And your diary. Etc.
- self-help bookshelf: another adorable repurposed piece (for the environment!) -- a rustic wood coffin that houses some of the best self-improvement reading available for the modern monster. For example: 'Peace, Harmony, & BRAAIIINNNS: One Zombie's Struggle in an Undead World', and 'Vampires Who Suck Too Much: Learn to give back. Get invited over the threshold'. Riveting.
- recreational reading: when you just want to curl up with a good book for a bit of fun. A pleasant little stack of titles such as 'Appetites for Flesh', a collection of 50 classic recipes for your next zombie dinner, and 'Monster Fashion of the 20th Century', with an exclusive new chapter on knife gloves.
- family cameos: heirloom pieces to remember your grandparents by.
- potion ingredients: the best potions are made from the best ingredients. Here's your starter collection for whipping up a brew! Includes such rare items as wolfsbane, snake venom, tainted love, and Knock-Em Out (when you don't have time for the cat & mouse game).
- MYSTERY PRIZE: there's a final mystery item, which is my rare gacha item, that I can't share with you because of event rules. But believe me, IT'S AWESOME. For gacha players, you need to win the Mystery Coupon from my machine, and once you've completed the gacha HUD tour, you can redeem that coupon for my mystery item in the redemption room.

Mystery! Intrigue! Gacha!!!

The Haunted Studio officially kicks off tonight at 11:30 PM SLT. Grab your HUD at Gachatopia to get started! [SLurl]

Have fun!!

*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

I wanted to get one more post in before I drift off for a few days for multiple RL holiday celebrations. I'm a big fan of rooms that are drenched in whites and creams - so peaceful, so simple, and so cozy when done right. The two anchor pieces to this room are perfect for a cozy winter scheme -- the bed is from my music soulmate Tegan Serin of floorplan. and the comfy couch is from my pal Gala Charron of *Art Dummy!. Perfect items to encourage long winter naps filled with peaceful dreams. ♥

Happiest holidays to everyone!!

*pic credits

  • bed: floorplan. - sleigh bed (Tegan Serin) *C88
  • couch: *Art Dummy! - wintertide. sofa (Gala Charron)
  • ottoman: Consignment & Cheeky Pea - Quiet Night Fabric Pouffe (Wavie Haller/Isla Gealach) *The Garden
  • hanging light: ARIA - Rosalind mini chandelier (Yelo Uriza) *The Garden
  • paper deer head: Vespertine - fauxidermy/deer/newspaper (Amelie Knelstrom) *The Garden
  • canvasses: floorplan. - merry & bright (Tegan Serin)
  • moon light: tarte. - lasso the moon (Alixxbella Resident) *The Garden
  • side table with accessories (under moon light): Cheeky Pea - Bremen Table *FaMESHed
  • end table (beside couch): MudHoney - Neve End Table (Rayvn Hynes) *The Garden
  • tray with candles and ornaments: Sway's - Wonderful Life Candles and baubles (Sway Dench) *The Garden
  • radio: 7 - Philby Radio (Agustkov Resident) *C88
  • mini chalkboard with book pile: Sari-Sari - Chalkboard Mini (Stupidmonkey Resident)
  • rug: ARIA - Rosalind overdyed rug (Yelo Uriza) *The Garden
  • BRR letters: 7 - Marquee Letters (Agustkov Resident) *The Garden
  • branch with hanging star: MudHoney - Branch Door Hanger (Rayvn Hynes)
  • string lights (around window): {af} - String Lights (Apple Fall)
  • wood stool: Atelier Visconti - Mont Blanc Step Stool (Stephan Visconti) *The Garden
  • platter of candles & cookies (on step stool): .Olive. - the Santa Needs Cookies Candle Platter (Naminaeko Resident)
  • lanterns: Trompe Loeil - Rustic Lantern (Cory Edo)
  • eye chart: floorplan. - the optometrist's locker (Tegan Serin)
  • books: {af} Stacked Books, Tied Book (Apple Fall)
  • shoes: LOVE RE ME - Boots (Ingram Dean) *The Men's Dept
  • sleeping dog (on bed): +Half-Deer+ - Sleepy Italian Greyhound (Halogen Magic) *The Garden
  • house: Trompe Loeil - Willoughby Lakehouse (Cory Edo) *C88

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

The Willoughby Lake House from Trompe Loeil was a late entry to this month's Collabor88 - you know how hectic this time of year can be. To make up for it, though, designer Cory Edo is offering the WIlloughby for only 88L for the rest of the month. INSANITY. This is another gorgeous house from Cory - great textures, a cozy layout, lots of gorgeous windows, and a lovely wraparound porch. It also includes the snow topper you can see in the pic - perfect for your winter set up!

Be sure to get over to Collabor88 ASAP to pick up the Willoughby Lake House for just 88L! 

Collabor88 [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • house: Trompe Loeil - Willoughby Lakehouse (Cory Edo) *C88
  • wood figures: Cheeky Pea - Manly Snowman and Snowlady (Isla Gealach) *The Men's Dept
  • metal topiaries: MudHoney - Metal Tree Topiary (Rayvn Hynes)
  • marquee light: floorplan. - xmas tree marquee (Tegan Serin)
  • boxes, bag of mail: Alouette - Santa's Workshop set (Scarlet Chandrayaan) *Arcade
  • branch with ornaments: Sway's - Holiday branch (Sway Dench)
  • bench: *Art Dummy! - wait. bench (Gala Charron)
  • packages (under bench): Zigana . - holiday spirit . gifts (Nalena Fairey) *Arcade
  • christmas tree (seen in window on the left): Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2013 Tree (Cory Edo) *FaMESHed
  • christmas tree (seen in window on the right) AF - Christmas Tree (Apple Fall) *Arcade
  • snow generator, formations, textures: Studio Skye (Alex Bader)
  • snowy trees: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

Authorelle kirshner
blog fancy1.jpg
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

I love miniatures and doll houses and all that sort of thing...which probably explains why I love homes & decor in SL so much. It's just a big ol' virtual doll house, really. What I also think is super fun is when designers make miniatures that are meant to be miniature and bring them into this virtual doll house so that we can have miniatures in our miniature world. Got that?

My pal Sienia Trevellion of Lark has made some of the most adorable little wee mini things this holiday season. First is the Frostivus Eve set, available right now at The Arcade. It's a really cute little ice skating rink with all the little characters that are scripted to attach to the base and skate their little hearts out. For the purposes of the first pic up there, clearly I did not have them skating, so you definitely need to check out the set in person. It's quite mesmerizing.

Secondly, Sienia has brought the Cocoa Express to the December round of The Garden. This is freakin' adorable, is what it is. Again, it's all scripted so you can put the train on the track and let it go! The set comes with a gorgeous snowy surround if you don't want just the track, and the little drawbridges are just precious. ♥

Also, the detail in both sets is amazing! Cute little wreaths and a pile of snowballs at the ice skating rink...and the train is carrying gorgeously scrumptious goodies!


blog 2.jpg

Also -- when you see it...

blog 1.jpg

Hi, tushie.

The Arcade [SLurl]

The Garden [SLurl]

*pic credits: 

first pic: Lark - Frostivus Eve (Sienia Trevellion) *The Arcade

second pic: Lark - Cocoa Express (Sienia Trevellion) *The Garden

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

Every year, I have grand ideas of all the glorious things I'll create for the holidays...I gather inspiration pics, I make lists of what I want to build...and every year, RL is all "LOL no." This year, I decided it was time to tell RL "LOL yep" and for art to imitate life...and so I present to you the Not Ready for the Holidays decorating set.

not ready_lights_vendor.jpg
not ready_ornaments_vendor.jpg
not ready_boxes_vendor.jpg

Available now at the Second Spaces main location [SLurl]

*credits from first pic

  • cabinet: [ARIA] - Hiver sideboard cabinet (Yelo Uriza) *The Men's Dept
  • art print: [ARIA] - Hiver framed print (Yelo Uriza) *The Men's Dept
  • vase with twigs, candles: [ARIA] Hiver bottle vase (Yelo Uriza) *The Men's Dept
  • fan: Standby Inc. - Industrial Fan (Sho Kenin) *The Arcade
  • chair: MudHoney - Neve Chair (Rayvn Hynes) *The Garden
  • fireplace, mantel decor: junk. - midwinter fireplace. (Tab Tatham) *The Men's Dept
  • hanging bulb: 7 - Wall Bulb (Agustkov Resident) *The Men's Dept
  • hanging panel: 7 - Apartment Buzzer Panel (Agustkov Resident) *C88
  • dartboard: floorplan. - target practice dartboard (Tegan Serin) *The Men's Dept
  • sconces: floorplan. - industrial torch (Tegan Serin) *The Men's Dept
  • rug: MudHoney - Neve Rug (Rayvn Hynes) *The Garden
  • stacks of boxes, ornaments, tangled lights: Second Spaces - Not Ready for the Holidays decorating set (Elle Kirshner)

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

I feel very sure that somehow, some way, some one stole a week from us all. That's the only explanation for how Christmas is just 8 days away. Someone needs to take action.

I will, in the meantime, sit in my comfy chair and read. Priorities.

That chair was the building block for this space. It's a new item from Darling Monday and fri.home, available right now at Collabor88. I think you know what to do next. (Go to Collabor88.)

Collabor88 [SLurl]

*pic credits

  • chair: fri. - Cozy.Chair (Darling Monday) *C88
  • table: Zigana - holiday spirit . desk (Nalena Fairey) *The Arcade
  • floor lamp: Cheeky Pea - Bremen Lamp (Isla Gealach) *FaMESHed
  • potted tree: Trompe Loeil - Star Tree (Cory Edo) *The Arcade
  • ornaments on a string: Vespertine - ornaments garland (Amelie Knelstrom) *The Arcade
  • hot water bottle: Sway's - hot-water bottle (Sway Dench) *The Arcade
  • books (in chair): Zigana - holiday spirit . books (Nalena Fairey) *The Arcade
  • Christmas banner: Sari-Sari - Christmas Banner (Stupidmonkey Resident) *Four Walls Hunt
  • tabletop tree: Consignment -  Notes to Santa (Wavie Haller) *Four Walls Hunt
  • plate of fruits and nuts: Sari-Sari - Weihnachtsteller (Stupidmonkey Resident) *Four Walls Hunt
  • sled: Trompe Loeil - Let It Snow Decorative Sled (Cory Edo) *The Arcade
  • nutcracker: Vespertine - nutcracker (Amelie Knelstrom) *The Arcade
  • jars of candy cnaes (on table): Zigana - holiday spirit . canes (Nalena Fairey) *The Arcade
  • gift boxes: Zigana - holiday spirit . gifts (Nalena Fairey) *The Arcade
  • brown paper packages: Alouette - Box of Mail (Scarlet Chandrayaan) *The Arcade
  • box of ornaments: Zigana - holiday spirit . ornaments (Nalena Fairey) *The Arcade
  • rug, pillows, candles, books (on floor): PILOT/JIM - hibernate (Kaz Nayar/Celeste Forwzy) *C88
  • frame with postcard (over mantel): Sari-Sari - Frame with Mail (Stupidmonkey Resident)
  • little chalkboard w/bookstack: Sari-Sari - Chalkboard Mini (Stupidmonkey Resident)
  • cookie jars: Tres Blah - Kitchen Basics - Cookie Jars (Julliette Westerburg) *C88
  • music box (on mantel): floorplan. - music box (Tegan Serin) *The Arcade
  • house: LISP - Mulberry Lodge (Pandora Popsar) *C88

*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

I'm not ready for the holidays.

Luckily, lots of other people are, though. So many amazing holiday items are available right now at a variety of events. You need to get out there and check them out.

The dining set is from Rayvn Hynes and MudHoney - it's a nice sort of masculine aesthetic for the table and chairs, and the centerpiece is a really lovely modern accent for the holidays. Be sure to get in close and check out the place settings and wine glasses, too - gorgeous textures!

The Eva Dining Set from MudHoney is available right now at FaMESHed! [SLurl]


*pic credits:

  • dining table, chairs: MudHoney - Eva Dining (Rayvn Hynes) *FaMESHed
  • centerpiece, place setttings, wine glasses: MudHoney - Eva Dining (Rayvn Hynes) *FaMESHed
  • desserts: AF - Cherry Voulevants, Christmas Pudding (Apple Fall)  *The Arcade
  • Alouette - Triple Presents Stack *arcdade scarlet chandrayaan
  • holiday topiary: Trompe Loeil - Holiday Topiary (Cory Edo) *The Arcade
  • rug: tarte. - snow white rug (Alixxbella Resident) *The Garden (opening Dec 15)
  • arm chair: fri. - Cozy.Chair (Darling Monday) *Collabor88
  • gingerbread house, toy soliders, gift boxes: Alouette - Santa's Workshop (Scarlet Chandrayaan) *The Arcade
  • hanging ornaments: tarte. - bows & baubles (Alixxbella Resident) *The Garden (opening Dec 15)
  • house: LISP - Mulberry Lodge (Pandora Popstar) *Collabor88

Authorelle kirshner
*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

It's time to get your holiday on. If you're into that. If you're not, that's cool. We celebrate diversity around here.

There are so many great events going on right now that are perfect for getting your space ready for the holidays. I haven't taken a single step in RL to get the decorations up, but I am all set in SL. The tree and couch in this pic are part of a wonderful holiday set from Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil, available right now at FaMESHed. The rest of this room is pulled primarily from the amazing offerings at The Arcade, along with some items from the Four Walls Hunt and The Men's Dept. Looks like your weekend just got a little busier.

blog 1.jpg


FaMESHed [SLurl]

The Mens' Dept [SLurl]

The Arcade [SLurl]

The Four Walls Hunt [website]

*credits from first pic

**items at FaMESHed

//items at The Arcade

^^ items from the Four Walls Hunt

  • couch: Trompe Loeil - Holiday Couch with Pillows (Cory Edo) **
  • tree: Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2013 Tree (Cory Edo) **
  • coffee table (modified): AF - Christmas Dining Table (Apple Fall) //
  • side table: Cheeky Pea - Bremen Table (Isla Gealach) **
  • rug: junk. - ivan leather rug. (Tab Tatham) ^^
  • fireplace: Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2013 Hearth (Cory Edo) **
  • wall lights: floorplan. - industrial torch (Tegan Serin) *The Men's Dept
  • hanging string with pics: Lark - Winter Bunting (Sienia Trevellion) ^^
  • print (on mantel): Trompe Loeil - Dashing Through The Snow Chalkboard (Cory Edo) //
  • set of 3 prints (beside fireplace): fri. - Framed.Chalkboards (Darling Monday)
  • star (on mantel): Trompe Loeil - Star On A Stick (Cory Edo) //
  • NOEL blocks: Alouette - Noel Decoration (Scarlet Chandrayaan) //
  • snow globe (on mantel): floorplan. music snow globe (Tegan Serin) //
  • animal vases: ISON HOME - fatty animals (Harry Hyx) //
  • boxes of ornaments: Alouette - Box of Ornaments (Scarlet Chandrayaan) //
  • vase with berries, tree cutouts, candles (on coffee table): MudHoney - Eva Centerpiece (Rayvn Hynes) **
  • cookie tin stacked with gifts: Alouette - Cookie Tin with Presents (Scarlet Chandrayaan) //
  • candy dishes, waffle rolls, candy canes, hot chocolates: erratic / home - hot chocolate bar (Erratic Rain) //
  • wooden cardinal: Trompe Loeil - Bird On A Stick (Cory Edo) //
  • wrapped gifts (under the tree): .Olive. - the Present for You Giftable Boxes (Naminaeko Resident) //
  • ice skates: The Secret Store - Ice Skates (Maylee Oh) //
  • boots: {Sleepy Eddy} - Engineer Boots (Metro Moonwall) //


blog fancy

*pic credits at end of post

I'll be honest: I don't think about curtains that often. That holds true in RL as well as SL. BUT - I do absolutely acknowledge that they can really finish a room, and therefore I support them. I've seen some really great mesh curtains come out recently, and I definitely support those. So does Maxwell Graf of Rustica. BAM - that's a blog intro.

Max sent me his latest release, which just happens to be a full set of very lovely, detailed, and customizable mesh curtains. What's that? Customizable? Hells yes. Max has provided a full set that includes swag and side panels and gathered drapes and sheer panels and lace panels...and I think that's it. What's awesome is that you can use all those pieces together, or just the ones you want. Like if you just want a simple window treatment, no problem, just grab those side panels. Or you can go all fancy like I did in the pic above. What's more awesome is that the curtains are just textured with the baked shadows -- so you can just go into edit mode and select a color and BAM - lovely depth and shadows on curtains that are the exact color you want. Even more awesome than that awesome is that Max has included those shadow textures separately, so you can get even fancier and use them in Photoshop to apply over your own texture. That + that + this + that = endless options.

Max has also included a bunch of lovely mesh curtain rods with great finials - so one more thing to really dress up those windows.

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Join the curtain revolution (I just made that up) at Rustica! [SLurl]

Oh, and see that cute little vase of branches with the dangly heart, up in the first pic? That's available (and so is the rug) right now from Rayvn Hynes and MudHoney, at her location on The Nest. It's available as part of the Valentine's Day Gift Event where a bunch of Nest merchants have awesome transferrable gifts available for Valentine's Day! Be sure to wander around the sim to check it out!

MudHoney at The Nest [SLurl]

*credits for first pics

curtains, sheers, rods: Rustica (Maxwell Graf) loose paper: floorplan. (Tegan Serin) Valentine branches: MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes) Rug: MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes) Skybox: Trompe Loeil (Cory Edo)

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Happy Independence Day, USA!

I've put out my 4th of July freebies! I have to admit these are the same items as last year...but they're still cute. :) If you didn't have a chance to grab them before, please do now!! They'll be out at least until tomorrow morning!

Available at Second Spaces! [SLurl]

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Emery Milneaux of [Commoner] sent me a package of his Valentine's releases to check out. That made me happy, because Emery makes silly and cool stuff. I may ask him to be my Valentine.

If you're looking for something more traditional, Commoner has some very pretty flowers and chocolates (mmmm)...

...AND, as you can see, there are less traditional items available, too. :) That's James in the glasses, the first plushie in a series of limited edition plushies. He's meant to be worn, but I just think he's so precious posed next to the voodoo doll. Ahh, the spirit of St. Valentine. That's the Voodoo Doll Frame on the right - you can slide your own pic into the frame, AND just click the doll for extra pins to stick in, if that's more to your purpose.

Emery also has wearable Conversation Hearts -- you know, the little candy hearts with the stamped messages -- I tried out just a few out of the approximately 845 available. Seriously, there are A LOT.

The hearts range from cute and sweet to naughty and nasty...something for everyone! ;)

Be sure to stop by Commoner to grab your Valentine's goodies! [SLurl]

Speaking of goodies...

Be sure to check out the Home & Garden Valentine's Hunt on Saturday! This is just a one day hunt, filled with home & garden prizes from all the shops listed above, so it's a great chance to grab some decorating bargains! The hunt is going to wrap up with a party, too - sounds like a great way to spend your SL Saturday!

Valentine's Hunt SLurl

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One quick Christmas post before the holidays take over my life like WHOA. :) Here's what I found at some of my favorite places...and I know there are tons more great designers with awesome holiday stuff out there...these are just highlights!

*Art Dummy! [SLurl]

Awesome Blossom [SLurl]

La'Licious Designs [SLurl]

MudHoney [SLurl]

Happiest Holidays to everyone!! ♥

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Best SL Christmas present ever: Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft has released her first mesh sets, and she sent them over to me to check out. Thank you, Santa!

There are two rooms available -- the Frezza Living Room, and then also a smaller set, the Frezza Christmas Living Room. Let's start with the Christmas room, since it's Christmas and whatnot.

Just gorgeous. And really, take away the Christmas decorations and you still have an amazing room for all year round. But specifically for the holidays, this is just brimming with great deco and adorable The Loft sets always are.

The wood texture on the side table is superb. ♥ And look at these fabrics!

You just wanna touch that blanket, right? LOVE.

As for the entire Frezza Living Room - this is amazing mid-century modern goodness.

I love that color palette. Again, this room is filled with great little accents...Colleen has an amazing knack for adding in the simplest details with the greatest impact. These lamps are beautiful, and the little wooden birds are precious!

Let's talk about the fabrics again. Colleen has always had the best fabrics in all of SL, in my opinion. It's one of the very first things I fell in love with at The Loft, even back in 2007 when we were all young and innocent and sculpts were the breaking news.

I really don't know if I have the words for how much I love the couch fabric. It's so tweedy and delicious. The chairs are beyond gorgeous, and the texture on the orange pillows is so...real. That's the simplest description. So real.

If I can gush about textures just a little bit more...THIS is one of the reasons I think Colleen's textures are tops. Her shading is impeccable. The wood on the table and lamp, below, is gorgeous...but it's so much more awesome because of the light and shadow baked into the texture. And I show you the back of the couch because truly, the shading on the backs of the cushions as they are obscured by the couch frame -- that's art, my friends. This is how you give depth to SL furniture.

Get over to The Loft to check out the Frezza sets. There are a few more pieces to it than I've shown you here, and there are many, many more colors you can choose for the couches, as well. I should also mention that the sets do include a ton of animations and props...but I was way too excited about the textures to actually try sitting on anything. :) So be sure to check that out, too! Enjoy!

The Loft [SLurl]

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