I stopped by (late) the grand opening party of Touche' this past Saturday to check out the new shop by designers Shay Savon and Abe Ruff. My pal GIskard tagged along and, after I shouted my love and devotion for the sexy DJ Kalia, we went in to explore. It's a nice looking shop; it's not filled yet, and I know Shay and Abe are working to fill it up. There are some nice basics to be had -- the style is warm contemporary, along the lines of West Elm (RL), with some cute accessories mixed in. A few pieces that caught my eye --

Just some basic shelving, but with a tiny bit of a 70s retro feel, which I love. I really like the wooden bowl, too -- it's the little things!

The Cafe Haus set is really cute -- I can totally see this in ...well, in a coffee house.

The other piece of the Cafe Haus set is this super-sized mug of hot chocolate. So cute! And mmmm....chocolate-dipped Elle.  ;)

There were also little goodies scattered around, scavenger-hunt style. I only found three -- but check 'em out!

Definitely swing by Touche' and take a look - the prices are very reasonable, and the prim counts are just right. Keep your eyes on them, I'm sure there's more to come!