Ok, this isn't furniture/decor related...but it's just too cute not to share! Gabriel1972 Noriega of Mish Mish dropped these on me the other day...and I do believe there was squeeing soon after. I've seen lots of really precious shoulder pets in SL -- these are just the cutest that I can recall! There are 3 kinds -- Froggy, Hunny, and Kitteh. They all come with HUDs and also use chat commands to wave, blow kisses, sleep...Froggy also hops, Kitteh drinks milk, and Hunny eats...well, honey. I <3 them!!


The Mish Mish shop is a cute little build around a 7Seas fishing pond. Gabriel and his partner, Aime Takaaki, have a few more cute little items worth checking out - my absolute favorites are these Scuba animals -- and they're 7Seas compatible!! I need to get my 7Seas working again so I can add these!!


Check out Mish Mish here and also on their blog at http://www.mishmishstore.blogspot.com/. You can also find them on XStreet! Enjoy the cute!

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