Happy Sunday to you all! There have been some very exciting new releases in the past few days - it's been all about the prefabs!! You may have already seen these around the blogosphere, but I would be a very bad blogger if I didn't show them to you, too! So let's get to it...

(Elate!) Beach House: I know Kellie Iwish's work from her (Elate!) clothing designs, which are quite gorgeous and yummy, and it seems she is branching out to home and furniture design! Her beach house has already made quite a splash (heh) from what I've seen and heard around the grid, and rightly so! It's a cozy size, which I love, and the textures are just perfect, all soft and muted.

elate exterior allHer furniture is lovely; it complements the beach house perfectly, and is also a style that I can see used in many settings. There are only a few pieces, but they're totally worth checking out.

elate interior all

I love the little details over the doors and on the windows, and I am always a sucker for built-in bookshelves! That's the main reason we bought our RL house! I am very impressed with Kellie's first offering for home & decor, and I can't wait to see what's coming in future! You can tour the house at the main location of (Elate!), up on the roof, here.

NOTsoBAD Maria Hacienda: O. M. G. I reviewed NOTsoBAD a few months ago, and gushed then about how lush and luxurious their items and textures are...this house has blown me away even more. Clearly, this isn't for the prim- or wallet-conscious consumer, but if you can spare the space, the cash, and the prims, then you MUST get this house.

NsB outside all

I'm using the pics that were sent out in the NsB group, mainly because they're awesome and I couldn't do better..but I did go to see the house in-person, and it was even more breathtaking than the pictures. This is such an amazing job of texturing, and just such a gorgeous layout...I may be semi-speechless.

NsB inside all

Go see it here - seriously, go.

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