Chi Velde recently sent me a review folder of her Zephyr Jones pre-fabs. I hadn't seen her work before...I'm not sure if she's just starting out, maybe, since there's only 4 buildings to choose from...but I do like what I see! Her prefabs are on the small side, which is my preference, and they have a nice look to them. My favorite is the Little Pink House:

I love the skylight on the back. The house has a slight coastal feel to it, mixed with a bit of rustic cabin. Inside are 3 small rooms, including a cute little sleeping loft. It's definitely cozy, but still room for really cute decorating. I love these smaller houses because it's so easy to fill them up and give them a really lived-in look.

Cute textures...although you guys know I can almost always go for more shadows, but Zephyr has done a good job of giving her textures some depth.

For some reason - which may have been SL-caused, I'm not sure - I was unable to rez the other prefabs that Zephyr sent over. So I headed over to her shop to check out the displays. Really, all four buildings are cute and worth a look - the other one that caught my eye was the Downtown Wabash:

I love this one as a shop space! It's got a little bit of a retro downtown storefront vibe going, and I really like the bay windows on the front. Again, this is on the smaller side, but definitely plenty of room for a cute little shop.

I enjoy the tiled floor on the lower level, and especially love that it's mixed with soft green walls. This is just really cute all around. I would love to see a series of prefabs in this, 4-5 different shop layouts that could all work together to create a vintage Main Street row of shops. (HINT) ;)

Be sure to stop by Zephyr Jones to see these for yourself! [SLurl]

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