Hi! Just a quick post - I've seen quite a few cute things being released today and I just wanted to be sure you saw them, too! It's a service I provide.

Antonia Marat has a new super cute mailbox at Artilleri Home! Those colors are like candy ♥

Artilleri Home [SLurl]

We've got two really cute home decor items in Fifty Linden Friday this week!

From Jordan Giant and Nordari:

Nordari [SLurl]

From Flutter Memel of cluttered flowey:

(There's also a Dark set)

cluttered flowey [SLurl]

Don't forget - the items at Nordari and cluttered flowey are only 50L, only for today!!

I was also happy to see a new pine tree from Vitrail Illios over at New Trails - he's always one of my favorites!

New Trails [SLurl]

Happy shopping!