You know what's fun to say? Stumblebum. stumblebumstumblebumstumblebum. Speaking of, Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea sent me her April Stumblebum release -- the Likable Things set.

Okay, this isn't really meant to be an outdoor set -- don't ask what that chandelier is hanging from --  but I thought it looked cute on my dock. This is a very precious set -- all mesh -- and really lovely textures. You guys know how I love wood (heh) and that table top is just gorgeous!! 

When you click and hold the table top, a menu pops up that gives you options for what kind of stuff to rez on the table. You guys also know how I love stuff. You can pick a few things or a lot of things, and it's so easy because the table rezzes and places it all for you!

As you can see, there are also different textures for the chair cushions, too...again, just click and hold on those cushions for the menu. There are also really cute animations in each chair, and each chair is animated differently from the others. So cute!

Be sure to get over to Cheeky Pea NOW -- or at least before April 14, when Stumblebum wraps up. This is a great set for your space!!

Cheeky Pea [SLurl]

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