My goodness. Another amazing set from Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil. There are lots and lots of designers who are really hitting it out of the park with mesh, and Cory is definitely at the top of that list. At least on my copy. Of the list, that is. It's a metaphor. The list. You see.

Out now for the Zombie Popcorn Carnival is the gorgeous Rustic Pavilion from Trompe Loeil. It's a simple structure that packs a big punch. ♥

It definitely has a medieval feel to it, with all the stone...but it's certainly not limited to that style. I could see this with some luxurious glam seating...or a gorgeously decked out formal dining table...really, there are a ton of possibilities.

I love the ivy accents around the fireplace, and the little cutout windows are a great touch. They keep it from feeling too closed in back there. Great details in the ceiling and the lights, too.

AND - as further proof of how manic I am when it comes to great texturing - I got a little giddy at the great lighting in and around the fireplace. I love that the inside of it glows, as it should...but what made me happiest is the little bit of glowy light that spills out onto the benches that flank either side. Anyone else catch that?

Seriously. I can't get enough of stuff like that. So true to life!

Check out the Rustic Pavilion right now, exclusively at Zombie Popcorn Carnival! [SLurl]

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