The March 2014 round of The Arcade has begun! I swear each round is better than the one before, and that's saying something. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. AND, I'm really happy to see even more amazing home & garden items this time around. ♥

As for me, I'm bringing more clutter. Like I do. Introducing....

[dramatic music]

The Second Spaces BATHROOM CLUTTER Set.

arcade_bathroom clutter_1024x1024 GACHA KEY.jpg

Lots of clutter for your bathroom, your vanity, your bedroom dresser! ♥ My gacha machine is 75L per play, and there are 11 mini-sets (each little grouping you see labeled in the pic) to collect. Of the 11 sets, 2 are rare: the To Pass The Time set and the Jars Of Essentials set. Also, each mini-set is ONLY 1 prim Land Impact (except the Crates Of Things set, which is 3 prim LI). All the stuff, without taking up all of your prims! 

The Arcade runs from now through March 31, but why wait? GO NOW.

The Arcade [SLurl]

The Arcade website

The Arcade Shopping Guide (great for browsing what's available before you fight the traffic to get there)

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