*pic credits at end of post

*pic credits at end of post

You've got less than 2 days left to hit The Arcade!! It closes at 11:59PM SLT on March 31. WAIT NO LONGER.

One of the most exciting sets this time around is The International Set from Sorgo. Sorgo and designer Arscene Dubrovna are new to me, with The Arcade being my first look at Arscene's work, and I LOVE IT. The details in the meshes are amazing -- all the folded money and the casually tossed stacks, and that bag full of money is so awesome. The textures are spot on, and I just love that somebody made this set -- don't we all need stacks and stacks of cash to place around our houses? I KNOW I DO.

I checked out the Sorgo main shop, and I don't see any other home/decor items, but I hope that changes! I want more Sorgo decor!!! ♥

Check out The International Set at The Arcade - and make it quick!!! [SLurl]

*pic credits

**items available at The Arcade

  • bag of cash: * S O R G O - Bag of Euros (Arscene Dubrovna) **
  • wrapped stacks of cash: * S O R G O - Plastic Warped Stack (Arscene Dubrovna) **
  • stack of euros: * S O R G O - Euros Stack 100e (Arscene Dubrovna) **
  • folded money: * S O R G O - Folded Stack 20e, Folded Stack 100e (Arscene Dubrovna) **
  • gloves: * S O R G O - Leather Gloves (Arscene Dubrovna) **
  • mobile device: * S O R G O - BlackBlury (Arscene Dubrovna) **
  • gun: * S O R G O - Silent 11.43 (Arscene Dubrovna) **
  • martini: erratic / home - drink / martini (Erratic Rain) **
  • glass of whiskey: erratic / home - drink / whiskey (Erratic Rain) **
  • bottle of tequila: erratic / home - tequila (Erratic Rain) **
  • bottle of vodka: erratic / home - vodka (Erratic Rain) **
  • bottle of whiskey: erratic / home - whiskey (Erratic Rain) **
  • card game: Second Spaces - game of war (Elle Kirshner)
  • table: Cheeky Pea - Hutton Table (Isla Gealach)
  • stools: Cheeky Pea - Salty Bar Stool (Isla Gealach)

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