Today I'm spotlighting JC Designs, gorgeous work by Babe and Eyeing Daligdig. Certainly not new designers to SL or to me, but highly worth mentioning and a place that everyone should know about!! If you're looking for all things tropical -- go to JC Designs. If you're looking for an amazing pool with waterfalls, etc -- go to JC's. If you're looking for an expansive and well-crafted tropical prefab -- well, you see the trend.

You'll find great furniture items, as well as bars, rugs, beach umbrellas, lights/torches, plants, rafts, surfboards, etc...and my favorite of all, a huge selection of tiki huts, ranging from cute and simple to large and fancy! The huts -- or whatever the appropriate term would be, they just rock! -- make me want to take down the cute cape cod on my second property and just put up a bitchin' hut complete with bar and hot tub! Something like this:

This is the Tiki Entertainer's Shack, available for $L1500, and I love it. With all my heart and soul.

Set aside 30 minutes to check out JC Designs -- 3 sims' worth of stuff!! -- and create your own tropical paradise!

Authorelle kirshner