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Spruce Up Your Space in May!

HoneyLicious Spaces is happy to announce the Spruce Up Your Space May theme: Working 9 To 5!

Our designers have been asked to let their imaginations run wild with all styles of office decor, for any kind of office, including furniture, accessories, and anything else you'd put in an office!

Once again this month, we're going to have one big mega-weekend and all SUYS designers will release their animal prints at the same time! All May releases will be out on May 22 - don't miss it, they'll only be available at special discount prices for that weekend! See ya then!


NOTsoBAD has a 20% off sale on houses and beds, going on now!

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]


Now available at MudHoney - Grandma's Chair set!

MudHoney [SLurl]


Just in time for summer, La'Licious Designs has released the Family Fun Pool!

La'Licious [SLurl]


MB-CreationZ has some gorgeous new landscaping items - I love the foliage you can use to decorate your own palm trees!

MB-CreationZ [SLurl]

logoAral Levitt, the designer behind Bahia Tiki and Zen sent me a very nice note and a review folder earlier this month. I was already familiar with the brand - I visited the sim briefly some time ago with a friend...and I have no idea why I did not mark it for blogging! Shame on me! I'm so glad Aral reached out to me -- Bahia is a great place to explore (even if you're not shopping!) and I had a great time checking it out. Aral does have a Balloon Tour set up to take you around to view all of her prefabs -- I didn't take advantage of that since I had to break my visit into several quick visits, but I encourage you to do it if you have the time!

Speaking of prefabs, that's what Bahia does best! When you arrive at the landing spot, you'll find yourself in a tiki hut filled with pictures of all the houses to see and TP links to each, as well as TP links to furniture, pools, etc. Considering that Bahia covers 3 sims, Aral has made it really easy to get around, which I appreciate! You can TP to a specific house from the landing point...and then there's a TP at each house to get you back to the main shop location . Easy! The three themes you'll find at Bahia are Tiki, Pirate, and Asian. I'm going to start with my favorite Asian houses. First, the Fujisawa House that Aral sent for review!fujisawa outside allThe texturing on everything at Bahia is amazing! The Fujisawa House is gorgeous...and makes me want to redo Elle's Tropical Paradise into Elle's Zen Retreat! It's a nice medium size house, and the zen courtyard is a great detail. Inside is a nice simple L-shaped first floor and a small bedroom upstairs, with a balcony off the bedroom. The details on the windows are perfect -- and all the window blinds have 3 positions: closed, open, and in-between.

fujisawa inside all

I love the mini-zen garden inside -- the shoji doors all slide open and closed, and that's an excellent texture on them. This is really just overall a gorgeous house. Well done!

When I visited  Bahia, the Macao House really caught my eye, too. Another wonderfully textured asian house, a little smaller than Fujisawa, and really a perfect size in my opinion. Again, great shoji textures, and all the blinds open, close, and go in-between. Aral has Macao displayed as furnished -- and all the furniture is also available! You can buy the furniture pack just as it's displayed in the house - the furniture pack is $L1250 and the house is $L1650 - very reasonable for such great quality, and really great if you're one who wants easy decorating! Grab the house and the furniture pack, and bam! you're done!.

macao all

Moving on to the Tiki theme, I totally fell for the Antigua Tiki Hut. More awesome textures, great details like the little pool and the side canopy, and again, a full furniture pack to make decorating easy! Tiki gets done a lot in SL -- I think Aral does a great job of keeping it fresh and original.

Antigua Tiki Hut $L2200    Furniture Pack $L2600

antigua all

Tiki Surf Shack - this is just adorable! Again, of course, great texturing and details - and really just precious all around! Ideal for any tropical-themed shopping area...and really, just fun no matter where you put it!

Tiki Surf Shack $L1450  Furniture pack $L950

surf shack_all

As mentioned, Bahia is a great place to explore whether you're shopping or not - and be sure you really really explore. There are a lot of great things to be found - Aral has very nice accessories (including gorgeous wicker baskets in lots of shapes and sizes!) and very nice furniture. You'll also find lots of different kits: Pirate Town Mall, Pirate Town Landscape, Japanese Garden, Zen Landscape,  Tiki Temple Ruins...just to name a few! To close out, just a few more pics of cool things I like!

misc all

You can never have too many candles. Never. I really like how Aral has them displayed, too. :) Very organic! Below the candles is the Tiki Shower on the left, and the Zen DJ Booth on the right. I just love unexpected little goodies like these!!

Ok -- you  know what's next -- you have to get over to Bahia and see for yourself! What I've shown you is a teeny tiny fraction of what's available -- remember, three sims' worth of goodness awaits you!

After my post on Heart Garden Centre, I sent a brief IM to Lilith and Dolly Heart just to let them know I had featured them on the blog. Soon after, I got a reply from Lilith, thanking me for the blog post, AND sending me some gifts!!! As I told her, it was never my intention to get free stuff -- but I'll take it! :) She sent me some gorgeous tropical arrangements that I put out at my place, and I want to be sure to thank her formally and properly here!!! Here are the Beach Edge and Phoenix arrangements that I placed at the edge of my little beach. My place was pretty lush before -- these arrangements increase the lushness ten-fold! I love them!! It's a much more secluded feeling now when you're standing in my yard.


The vertical arrangements are the Phoenix, and the leaning are the Beach Edge. As mentioned in my previous post, one of the best things about Heart Garden Centre is that you can buy arrangements like this -- instead of piecing it together yourself, Lilith and Dolly have done some of the creative thinking for you! There are 10 trees and about 5 plants here - and it's actually just 4 arrangement objects. Genius. Makes it that much easier to landscape.

Lilith also gave me 'Tropical Arrangement-spear palm and strelitzia1' -- the lilies (I think they're lilies - maybe orchids?) are beautiful. I placed this arrangement over by my campfire and hammock.


About 2 weeks ago, I sent a note to Lilith to ask if she's ever come across plants, or textures, that are neglected, wilted, run-down, etc. My sim (Doll City) has its 'wrong side of the tracks' section where everything is just slightly worn, a bit gritty, and I've been looking for some landscaping to match that, without much success. Once again, Lilith jumped in to help -- she is a sweetheart! She hadn't seen anything exactly like I was looking for - and I believe she was appalled at the thought of neglected plants :) - but she sent me a few items of her own that she thought might work. While they weren't exactly what I had in mind, they were awesome! She sent me a few samples of her 'Gothic hook - thorn bush' - I told her they are perfect for some sort of haunted enchanted garden. :) Throw in some oversized sculpted flowers, and it would be a magical place. I did place them in Doll City, next to our spooky graveyard that's in place for Halloween, just so I could showcase them here.


How awesome are those??

Be sure to check out my previous post on Heart Garden Centre for more info, and check out their main location in-world: Heart Garden Centre

Thank you again, Lilith!!!

I love the details in SL -- it's one thing to have a cool house with some groovy furniture -- but until you add tsotchkes, wall art, rugs, and things on surfaces, it just doesn't feel like a home. Oh, and the landscaping. I am all about a well-landscaped SL space. Commercial, residential, whatever -- you gotta have the landscaping. Greenery, flowers, well-placed rocks, stepping stones...endless possibilities. The absolute best place I have found for all landscaping needs -- and then some -- is Heart Garden Centre.

The sim is massive, and every inch is packed with product. My favorite thing about their set-up is how they have essentially displayed their wares via their own landscaping. This isn't just a bunch of boxes and flat images -- each landscaping arrangement can also be purchased as a whole, as mentioned in the #1 way to shop, above. That rules. When you want just individual items, then you hit the vendor walls.

They've got tons of tropicals -- they've got great snow-covered trees -- wonderful autumn-hued items -- and terrific boulders, pathways, pots, props, etc. I like to use their stuff inside, too -- you can buy most items in packs of 12 or 24, and that's 12 or 24 variations on the plant, not just 12 copies of the exact same thing. I've used various tropical ferns and flowers indoors -- arranging several pieces in a container, and it always looks amazing. Check my posts about Yam's House -- all the plants I used there, inside and out, were from Heart. Another awesome option you can find here is that most of the trees are available as sapling, young, or mature. How cute is that?!

Some of my favorite items:

Check out Heart Garden Centre here.


Today I'm spotlighting JC Designs, gorgeous work by Babe and Eyeing Daligdig. Certainly not new designers to SL or to me, but highly worth mentioning and a place that everyone should know about!! If you're looking for all things tropical -- go to JC Designs. If you're looking for an amazing pool with waterfalls, etc -- go to JC's. If you're looking for an expansive and well-crafted tropical prefab -- well, you see the trend.

You'll find great furniture items, as well as bars, rugs, beach umbrellas, lights/torches, plants, rafts, surfboards, etc...and my favorite of all, a huge selection of tiki huts, ranging from cute and simple to large and fancy! The huts -- or whatever the appropriate term would be, they just rock! -- make me want to take down the cute cape cod on my second property and just put up a bitchin' hut complete with bar and hot tub! Something like this:

This is the Tiki Entertainer's Shack, available for $L1500, and I love it. With all my heart and soul.

Set aside 30 minutes to check out JC Designs -- 3 sims' worth of stuff!! -- and create your own tropical paradise!

Authorelle kirshner

Well, I have NOT gotten off to a bangin' start...which doesn't surprise me. To fill up some space, I'm going to start with some pics of my own house. *ego alert*
This is an awesome prefab by Barnesworth Anubis, one of his tropical series. I saw this a while before I ever purchased land - and it haunted me! I had to have it!! I bought my first property with this house in mind - and the land and house match perfectly!!
**UPDATE** you can find Barnesworth's tropical houses displayed here. He has tons of great prefabs that are completely worth the time to check out, and you can find his main location here.

Next installment - more pics of my own house! Because it's my blog! :)

Authorelle kirshner
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