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Some things make even overgrown grass look awesome. AMIRITE?

(P.S. Since some folks have asked and since I use it in lots of pics: that grass is from Shade Fantasy Outfitters - I've had it since 2008, I believe, and it's still my favorite to use!)

This lovely backyard retreat is a mish-mash of goodness from a few of my favorite designers. I am still so excited about the first round of TLC's The Garden - Spring never looked so good! - and it's been a great inspiration for some pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) vignettes.

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The wood pergola and the couch/chair seating are from MudHoney's Rayvn Hynes. I think I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again - Rayvn is rocking the mesh, and I love seeing each new set she releases. I also really love the little wrinkles she works into her upholstery pieces - see the pillows on the couch! SO REAL. ♥

The massage table and spa set is from Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie - who also rocks the mesh HARD - and I just adore the little details of the tray, above. Hot stones, essential oils, and soothing aromatherapy candles? Yes, please.

Speaking of yes, please -- I was SO happy to see that Froukje has released some mesh plants. A whole slew of 'em! I love including greenery in my rooms, and these are just gorgeous. They're mod, too, which means I can size them up or down to fit specific spaces. I SUPPORT THAT.

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Visit TLC's The Garden [SLurl]

Visit Dutchie [SLurl]

*credits for first 2 pics

wood pergola: MudHoney - Sheryl Garden Pergola (Rayvn Hynes) * massage table, stacked towels, spa tray: Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek) drum tables: MudHoney - Sheryl Drum Table (Rayvn Hynes) * coil basket: MudHoney - Coil Basket Green (Rayvn Hynes) rolled towels: Tartessos Arts - Essence Spa Towels (Nico Griffith) white cabinet: { ililo } - Medicine Cabinet (Zozo Raven) all potted plants: Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek) rug: MudHoney - Sheryl Garden Rug (Rayvn Hynes) * barber pole: POST - Calhoun Barber Pole (Van Auster) white canopy: Alouette - Garden Party Canopy (Scarlet Chandrayaan) * couch, chair (under the canopy): MudHoney - Sheryl Garden Bench (Rayvn Hynes) * wooden coffee table, side table: fri.home - slat table (Friday Monday) * wire side table: MudHoney - Sheryl Wire Table (Rayvn Hynes) * easel: Cheeky Pea - Simple Easel (Isla Gealach) canvases, artist brushes, artist box: Tartessos Arts (Nico Griffith) sandwiches, drinks: {what next} - Garden Cafe set (Winter Thorn) * books: Tartessos Arts - Creator Studio Books (Nico Griffith) newspaper, mail (on couch): PILOT - Murrow Table DEUX set (Kaz Nayar)

* items marked with an asterisk are currently available at TLC's The Garden

Authorelle kirshner

I had a chance to wander around and check out some new(ish) stuff on the grid. My first stop was [LeeZu!]; I had seen a notice a few weeks ago that LeeZu Baxter had updated her furniture line and I wanted to check it out. I'm honestly not sure which pieces were the newest...but I do know which pieces I totally love!

Mellow Living Set - gorgeous textures and shading:

Jardin Magnifique Sofa, Geisha Poster, and the Wood Open Closet:

My favorite piece is the Mellow Grass Vase set - gorgeous planters and lovely plants - and only 10 prims! I grabbed one of these for my place!

[LeeZu!] Furniture [SLurl]


I also stopped by Zacca to check out CROSS Jupiter's latest release - the Garden Cafe Set.

So cute! I've shared some Zacca stuff with you before; CROSS does a wonderful job with his builds, giving them great character and depth. This precious little building is only 260L, which I think is amazing for this level of quality!

Zacca [SLurl]


Leyla Firefly of Belle Belle has also released another set for the Bliss Box series - this time, it's Tantric. This is a simpler set for the Bliss Box - just a gorgeous platform in the middle of your own solar system. Perfect for cosmically romantic getaways!

You truly are surrounded by your own galaxy when you're in the Tantric Bliss Box. Leyla has just perfect animated textures that swirl around you, along with various stars and planets floating by - you really have to see it to appreciate it, but I tried to show some of the variations through the series of pics above. The stars twinkle, too.

As with all of the Bliss Box sets, this one is loaded with animations, and these are the same awesome hard-core animations that you'll find in almost all of Leyla's creations. What's really fun with this set is that when you start selecting anims from the menu - the cosmos respond with all sorts of funky swirly effects. Just a sample:

Of course, to activate the effects so I could photograph them, I had to activate the menus. So there I am, doing half know...things. I didn't show you more of the cool effects because it would have required me using the seriously grown up anims, and acting out just half of those would have upped the R rating on this blog...IF ya know what I mean. ;)

Check it out at Belle Belle! [SLurl]

Belle Belle - Tantric

Authorelle kirshner

Hi there! Some cute stuff for you today...

Mainit Hellman of [Baustein] sent me his latest release: the Chapman set (named after SySy Chapman). I have always loved this sort of mudroom/entry hallway furniture - perfect for hanging coats, storing hats and scarves and umbrellas, a great little drop off point when you first walk in the door. If I should ever have a mudroom in RL (which would be AWESOME), it's guaranteed that I will have a set up like this.

I love the wicker baskets and the shopping bag - nice touches to make it feel 'lived in', which I really like. As always, Mainit has done an awesome job with his shadows - great depth on these pieces. For my personal taste, I would like these shadows to be a bit softer...but either way, it's an excellent job of adding shadows. (Just to be clear - the shadows you see are included with the furniture - I do not have SL shadows enabled.)

The empty frames are a nice decorative touch, gives a little bit of glam to the set up.

Great job, once again, by Mainit - and only 19 prims, btw. Be sure to stop by [Baustein] to see it for yourself! [SLurl]


More cuteness, and quite exciting, at that -- Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot has recently opened Kyoot Home! Hopefully, dear readers, you all know Kyoot for their clothing and hair (awesome), and I am very excited to have a Kyoot home store available now! It's a small inventory at the moment, but definitely worth checking out. Be sure to join the SOM group, too - the group gift is adorable! You can see that in the first pic, below...

...along with a sampling of what you'll find at Kyoot Home. Be sure to get over there to check it out, and I look forward to seeing what else Saeya comes up with!

Kyoot Home [SLurl]

Authorelle kirshner

Hi there! I am currently busy with these things:

These are both amazing and awesome events, so make sure you check them both out!

Now, because of these awesome events, I am not acting the part of faithful blogger like I should. I do have stuff to share with you, and I'm gonna - it's just gonna be in a quick whirlwind of vendor pics and very few words. How's that sound? Alright? Let's go!

First, a new release from La'Licious Designs - super cute dollhouse bedroom!

La'Licious Designs [SLurl]

Next, we have a new shop - Growbox! Designed by Makaio Stygian and featured at Trompe Loeil Prefabs, a great new place for really gorgeous sculpted flowers.

Growbox [SLurl]

Cheap Cheap - another new shop with a precious logo and an enticing name. ;) I haven't had a chance to check out the shop yet; designer Flanelle Bebb sent me a folder of pics and things to play with, and it looks like cute, shabby chic, and sometimes silly stuff! That's my kind of stuff!

Cheap Cheap [SLurl]

And finally, the team at NOTsoBAD has been super busy! They've just released a few new series of beds - gorgeous, of course, as is everything from NOTsoBAD - and also packed with tons of really fun animations! They include the naughty stuff ;) but also lots of casual, fun, hanging out animations. You can see the menu in the first set of pics, below:

There are also a bunch of new, modern, low prim lighting options...AND, if you're in the SOM group, then you already know about the group gift, the  Nottam skybox! If you're not in the SOM -- well, you should be. So, go join. :)

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]

Talk to you soon! Now, go shop!

I decided to grab a few LMs from my folder of "places I found and really like and want to blog someday" and, you know, actually blog them. The system works!

Herbalys - designer Albert Beerbaum has put together a fantastical, whimsical, and really really well-done stock of items, mostly decorative in nature. He has some really fun (almost Seussical) trees available, as well as the pond set included in the first group of pictures, below. Great use of sculpts and awesome texturing make this a must-see shop - and those purple curtains alone make it a must-buy shop! The little ceramic (or stone maybe) owl is just precious - I think I'll definitely need one of those for the windmill!

Herbalys SLurl

Kidd Garden - I am a big fan of really awesome landscaping items, and am especially drawn to grasses and wildflowers that really bring depth to a large open area. I've blogged several of my favorites in the past, and now I add Kidd Garden to the list! Created by doP Kidd, Kidd Garden offers just a ton of really amazing landscaping options. One of my favorite things is how the basic grasses are sold - you'll see in the first pic below that the grasses are offered in various shapes to give a really 3d option to your space. That pic only shows just a few of the various sizes/shapes - there are many more! In addition to great grasses and wildflowers, there are also quite a few really nice structures, stepping stone sets, and bridges. Plus, the sim is set up so  nicely with all the products on display, you'll just want to wander around in the fields picking flowers and soaking up the fresh air. Or something. :)

Kidd Garden SLurl

As I was preparing this post, I got notice of new releases from The Loft - so, while clearly The Loft is not a new place for me to blog ;) - you know I have to share the goodness!

I believe the Krissy Shelves are completely brand new, and the Mayer Chaise was previously released in a single color for the Haiti fundraiser. Lots and lots of colors are available now, and I gotta say that this chaise is THE best I've seen on the grid. The curves are perfect, and (of course) the texturing is amazing. I bought the Haiti relief edition, which is an olive green -- and I think I'm gonna need at least one more color! The zebra stripe is sassy, I may have my eye on that one. ;)

The Loft SLurl

Some more awesome stuff from around the grid...

First, new things!

Mudhoney: Rayvn Hynes has released a ton of super cute spa items! She released the spa accessories a few weeks ago, and now the furniture sets to match so you can build your dream spa in SL! You can see all of the items on Rayvn's post here and, of course, grab a TP and go check it out in person!

mudhoney all

And now, new places (at least new to me!)

Picnic: Owned by nyasyousa Oh and shiroyagi Writer, Picnic has a small inventory of really cute shabby-chic style items. There are a few small furniture pieces, but mostly Picnic has stuff. I love stuff! Great accessories really make a room feel lived in, and these are all very well made and textured. The shop is currently undergoing renovation, and I'm excited to see what they do with it. Renovation or not, Picnic is definitely worth a visit!

picnic group 1 picnic group 2

picnic group 3



Life Is Good: Life Is Good is a very pretty sim, so you should visit for sightseeing purposes if nothing else. Owned by ino jie and porta fosse, you'll find a small furniture shop, a flower garden, and also an art gallery - all nicely laid out in a well-landscaped sim with rolling hills and curving paths. The furniture is cute, very clean-lines and a modern's the flower garden that I want to show you today. There's a very large selection of plants, flowers, grasses, and trees; there's also a ton of potted flowers and various garden accoutrements (5 points). Best of all - they have birds and pigs. :) Please see below:

lig group 1

lig group 2The birds tweet, and the pigs do that cute piggy thing with their snouts. Precious!

Life Is Good

Happy Monday, dear readers!! Lots of new things released over the weekend, and I'm going to tell you about them right now. :) It's what I do.

Artilleri Home: Antonia Marat has released more superbly awesome vintage furniture that, well, you all need. Now. Go.


Artilleri Home


Back to my quest for awesome autumn and Halloween items - Aki Shichiroji of Organica has some wonderful creepy trees for your haunted spaces!

organica all



Vitrail Illios of New Trails has an absolute ton of awesome autumn and Halloween items for you to check out! Just released are several versions of spooky, ghostly pumkpins; these join Vitrail's gorgeous sculpted pumpkins (non-spooky) and all of them are adorable!

new trails all

You've got to go see these in person - some are animated, all are fun. :)

There are also some new autumn trees available, and they include all the wonders that New Trails trees offer: groundcovers, static and animated shadows, and falling leave particles! The Autumn Feast series of trees includes spanish moss in the trees, as well as strings of lights - I've got my eye on some of these as I start to decorate my sim for fall!

new trails trees all

And finally, here's one more reason you need to join the New Trails SOM group, if you haven't already. He gives great group gifts, and this is what I got this weekend:

new trails gift

The Sinner and The Saint! They attach to your shoulders, and I love them!

New Trails

Just a quick hit of new and exciting things around the grid!! Of course, as blogged earlier, Second Spaces has a few new releases - you can see those here. In addition, check this out:

Ambiance: a SALE and a new set!

ambiance sale

Ambiance has also just released the Summerset Bathroom, another set created by Cheewha Palen. As always, it's packed with accessories and details, texture options, and tons of animations!

ambiance all

Ambiance Interactive Furnishings


Shade Fantasy Outfitters: I hadn't been to Shade Fantasy in a while, so I popped over to see what's new. I'll tell you what's new - awesome grasses and flowers, that's what. Ashade Sinister has some amazing sculpted grasses - they look so, so real, and come with little extras like particles and sounds - just perfect for anything where you need cool, wild grass! I also found that Ashade has added flowers, in a totally cute little nursery setup. Definitely something you need to see!

shade sin all

Shade Fantasy Outfitters


MudHoney: Rayvn Hynes has just released the Jersey Shore Beach house, a cute little cottage, great for those of us who like to keep it simple! I love that it is walled with windows - you can never have too much natural light!


MudHoney Designs

Day 1 of the Expo was great! Good traffic, I saw lots of green dots on the map, hanging out at the main stage, and I had lots of visitors to my exhibit. Yay! I did find time to explore 2 of the 4 sims, and I'm going to share some of the cool stuff I found. :)

FIRST - let me say this: go the the Expo. :) Here's the SLurl to my exhibit -- start there and then make your way around. Be sure to spend some time at the main stage area -- there are raffle items as well as silent auction items! I have not yet checked out all the silent auction items - I'll do that soon - but I can tell you that I donated my animation services as part of the auction. :) Five custom furniture animations (single pose), of the winner's choosing. Woot!

Ok, now for the good stuff!

MarcoPolo Furniture by marcopol Oh - a new designer to me - some nice modern furniture, with a bit of a funky pop-art vibe. Two pieces I like are the Table with Wheels and the Square Diamond Dresser:

marco-allHouses for You by Kira Spaatz - another new designer for me. There are a few prefabs set up for's the Arabian tent that caught my eye. Great texturing - it feels very rich!

arabian-tent-allBelle Belle by Leyla Firefly - of course, one of my favorites. :) Leyla is showing the Mystique Dreamhouse, and this is also her RFL item, so all proceeds from this purchase will go to Relay For Life! I think this may be Belle Belle's first house, and it's a great one. I didn't take pics of the inside, because I want you to go see for yourself :). It's a nice size without being too big, and has lots of nice artchitectural details.


Another Man's Treasure by Stormy McCallister - Stormy has been very busy! I ran into her Sunday night while she was setting up...and I was snooping ;)...and we played with the poses in her new living set. It's full of really sweet, cute couples poses, so be sure to take a pal with you to try them out. :) I really love the colors she's used in the Arata Spring Collection...and, as always, her fireplace is the awesome!

amt_all2Greene Concept by Peter Stindberg & Ivanova Shostakovich - Greene Concept's exhibit is catty-corner to mine, which is nice since Peter is my pal. :) Their display looks great -- very eye-catching and modern. They've got all their staples displayed, with their multitude of gorgeous texture options, and also a few new pieces that I love! The Twisty Bench is awesome - it's like the modern "twist" on the Victorian conversation bench...and the Brushed Coffee Table is a great match for the Emphasis chairs.


Sentiments by Sidda - Sidda Jubilee - Sidda is set up across from me, another shop that's new to me. She has several styles of really precious swings -- and you know I love a swing! - both singles and bench swings. I love the ribbon detail!


Organica by Aki Shichiroji - dear readers, you know I <3 Organica. So I took a picture of her entire exhibit. It's all perfection and you need a little bit of everything. :) I already have most of everything, AND I picked up the pack of ferns. You can never have enough ferns.

organica That's all for now! More pictures coming as soon as I get out and explore the other two sims. Get out there yourself, and enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to peruse the 9 More Places series. It's been fun, as always, and I hope everyone found something new that they'd never seen before! There is so much amazing, creative content out there, I could probably keep doing these series forever...and I might. :) For now, I'm going to resume my regularly scheduled blogging...hopefully get some new releases out for my own shop...and, of course, keep my eyes open for new super cool stuff!

For the wrap-up, here are the links to each blog post, as well as the SLurls for the shops - all in one handy location. I'll add a link to this on the main page along with the permanent link for the Top 12 Places series, and then it's all at your fingertips. Enjoy!

9 More Places!

1. Ingrid Ingersoll’s Homestore [blog post]

2. Belle Belle Furniture [blog post]

3. Another Man’s Treasure [2nd location] [blog post]

4. Tapioca Tastes [blog post]

5. Tesh Gardens [blog post]

6. New Trail [blog post]

7. Organica [blog post]

8. Happy Mood [blog post]

9. Pillow Talk [blog post]


Welcome to Part 6 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

New Trail

I first came across New Trail, by vitrail Illios, sometime this past autumn...and it was love at first sight. Vitrail has brought a very cool twist to his trees, which seems to have caught on very quickly! I bet you've all seen his trees in your travels -- maybe the little ones, maybe the big ones -- I've seen them all popping up frequently! I noticed in Vitrail's profile that he's moving to his own sim soon...I'm sure that means there are more great things coming!

The SLurl I provided will take you to the current New Trail location. When you get there, follow the little path to the ladder, and descend -- such a cute way to get to the shop. :) Also, be sure to join the subscribe-o-matic group! Vitrail gives out great group gifts, and you can get updates on the new sim and new releases! Now, on to my favorites:

Gloo Trees

I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove the Gloo trees. Love. They're sculpted beautifully, they have a gorgeous shine to them, and they're sparkly! They're available in about 5 colors - and you probably need all 5 ;) -- here we have the red one. Ooooohhhhh.....


I love how Vitrail displays most of his trees on tabletops. :) It's like scale model building for trees.


The Aborea line is so realistic -- well, realistic AND fairy tale-ish all at the same time. Remarkably well done, and the best part is that they all come with static and animated shadows (awesome), as well as sculpted groundcovers for the fallen leaves. It's those details that really make me swoon.

aboreaaborea-autumnIn the top picture, you can see the shadow and the groundcover (even on the table display, so cute!). The bottom pic is Aborea - Autumn Mood...wonderfully vibrant colors in the foliage. Gorgeous!

Abies Fir Tree

For a more alpine feel, definitely check out the fir trees. In addition to the green (below), you can also find snow-covered fir trees.


Vitrail still has the holiday/winter section in place, and you'll love it! Here's a birds-eye view -- look at all the shine and sparkle! Also, note the rays of light - they are available for purchase! Great touch!


My absolute favorite item in the winter section is the miniature gloo trees. They're like little shiny, glittery bonsai trees! There are 9 variations to be had -- precious!


Go and explore New Trail -- everything is beautifully laid out and it's great for wandering. I can't wait to see the new sim and its awesomeness! Remember - join the group!


Welcome to Part 5 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

Tesh Gardens

We covered Tapioca Tastes yesterday, by designer Tequlia Tapioca; today, I want to introduce you to Tesh Gardens by Hamish Stuart, Tequlia's partner. I have a major soft spot for landscaping items, especially when they go beyond your standard greenery and flowers. Tesh Gardens is filled with beautiful plants, PLUS so many precious little extras to really provide what's needed for a full-fledged garden. Even better, it's all housed in one of the most gorgeous true-to-RL builds around. When you go, be sure to wander all around -- especially over to the other side of the hills. You'll see. :)

As you explore both locations for Tapioca and Tesh, you'll see that this is clearly a collaboration between Tequlia and Hamish, and there's a little bit of each in both locations. You'll find quite a few Tesh Gardens items mixed in with the Tapioca Tastes garden furniture (at the SLurl in Part 4), and then a few Tapioca pieces mixed in at the official Tesh Garden location. Speaking of which -- prepare to have your breath taken away.

dutch-manorinteriorconservatoryThe Dutch Manor house (top) is just beautiful - the detail, the scale, the textures -- all just perfect. The middle picture is taken just inside the Manor House, and I love how Hamish has it set up like a RL garden center -- a few shelves, the counter and cash register, gardening tools laying around. Precious. The bottom picture is the conservatory where you'll find all the plants available - be sure to walk through each room! Speaking of beautiful plants -- Tesh Gardens has 'em. I only took one picture of the plants,'s the buildings and the other stuff that I really want to show you. :)


Other Stuff

When you go to visit, be sure you really look closely at everything laying around. Hamish has everything arranged so naturally, like it's a working nursery, that you tend to forget that these are actually product displays. You can find what you need to build a vineyard...a vegetable garden...a greenhouse...there are tons of planters and pots for your flowers...look at everything. My favorites:

Greenhouse: I love greenhouses. I have absolutely no RL skill with potting, planting, landscaping, etc...but I sure do love the acoutrements available for such activities. :) This greenhouse has great texture and detail - I love the worn and weathered look to it. Be sure to check out what's inside. ;)


Organic Vegetable Garden Gift Set: Words can't describe how much I love this set. Again, it's the little things like this that make a place really look and feel like a garden! Flowers and plants are great -- I need the details! The set comes with everything you see here in the foreground -- every awesome piece of it.


Copper Water Hose with Bucket: I think the name says it all. :) This is genius -- you can't have a garden without a spigot, right? Ta da!


There you go -- get those gardens started! Head over to Tesh Gardens and grab your supplies. Look around thoroughly; you can find a single-domed conservatory available as a prefab, as well as a beautiful conservatory/orangerie available on the other side of the hills. Enjoy!

Here's sort of a quick link guide to the Top 12 places. I hope it's been useful -- I really, truly appreciate the great comments received here and in-world, and it's been absolutely delightful to speak with several of the designers that were spotlighted in the list. I'm going to add a link over to the right of the page so that this post can be easily accessed going forward, and I really do hope it can be considered a toolkit of sorts for folks who are ready to claim their own second space!


Part 1: Barnesworth Anubis Pre-Fab[ulous] Homes & Furniture [blog post]

Part 2: The Black Spot Shipyard [blog post]


Part 3: The Loft [blog post]

Part 4: Mezzanine [blog post]

Part 5: Del Sol Furniture [blog post]

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Part 8: Heart Garden Centre [blog post]

Part 9: Botanical [blog spot]


Part 10: CAS [blog post]

Part 11: Avenue Four [blog post]

Part 12: Shade Fantasy Outfitters [blog post]

Thanks again to all for the positive feedback on this series. Stay tuned -- I've got more evil plots that I'm hatching and plan to unleash on the world - you don't wanna miss that! In the meantime, I'm going to try my best to resume regularly blogging; I have a few places I was contacted to review, so I want to be sure to get those taken care of first. Hope you'll check back often!

Welcome to Part 9 of my Top 12! Need some background on what this list is all about? Click here for the original post.

Hello, dear readers! Today we continue landscaping with Botanical, by Kriss Lehmann. Botanical and Heart Garden are truly the two places I send anyone who says 'hey, where can i get some plants?'. Botanical is another place you must visit as much for the sim itself as for the product. When you go, explore everywhere. Every. Where. You won't be complete until you do.

That's sculpted water I'm sitting beside, and it's amazing. The water, and the ground covers, and the pathway texture, and the sunbeam, and I'm pretty sure also the rocks, are ALL available for purchase. Of course, Botanical has trees, and they are awesome. The majority of them are quite prim heavy -- and worth every prim! -- but if you're limited in your prim allowance, then the trees may not be for you. There are a million other things here that you'll want, though.

Japanese Red Maple, Emerald Forest Tree, Japanese Orange Maple:

"Sunbeams, Elle? Really?" Yep! This is the most awesome thing ever, and it fills my heart with sunshine and light. Sunbeams and rainbows. Friggin' awesome.

It's magical. :)

Another thing I really like is that Kriss has provided demos of some of his ground covers and various plants, like reeds, and these capers:

These capers are one of my favorites, too -- they're mod, and I used them in my KT's garden (which I totally need to blog) -- I stretched them out quite a bit, and the effect is perfect -- very wild English moors, in my opinion. :) And having demos available is a wonderful idea -- plants and ground covers can be tricky, so many thanks to Kriss for giving us a chance to try them out before we buy.

As I mentioned, there are a million things you'll want at Botanical. There are beautiful butterflies (I have some on my sim :) ) - really gorgeous crystals ( that I used in the lake on the sim :) ) - also, and these are precious, you can find fireflies and will-o'-wisps, perfect for adding touches of whimsy and fantasy. So go forth! Explore! Enjoy! Purchase! Buy me some fireflies! Kthxbai!

Bruce Liebknecht and his awesome team at PlantPets are so sweet - as thanks for my blog post about their line of interactive plants, they let me have my choice of an updated, brand-new-and-improved PlantPet! With all the hustle and bustle of the new club, I didn't even have a chance to rez it until last night. It's a Delft Blue Hibiscus (or was it a Hyacinth? damn, I'm awful with plants) - and it's gorgeous when it's full grown. I am keeping it paused when I'm not able to stand right there by it, since I can't stand the heartbreak ;) - so I upped it to Super Fast growth speed. I only had about 10 minutes to let it grow last night, and here's how far we've come:


The shading on the leaves is beautiful. As with all PlantPets, you can give a name to your plant -- so meet Odell. I'll update as he sprouts (heh) - I did want to point out the container, though. Very nice texturing.

 Thanks so much to Bruce and team!!!

Just a quick update on Otis - he's coming along very nicely. I learned quickly that I should pause growth before I log off SL - otherwise, he slowly drains his water, then sends me an offline IM to let me know he is not happy! The guilt was too much to bear. :) But look how pretty he is!!!


Pick up your own at PlantPets!

Ok - this is awesome. I saw the ad for PlantPets on (where Second Spaces is also currently advertised - yay!) I absolutely love this concept -- plants that grow, and with which you can interact. Genius. Bruce Liebknecht is the mastermind, and I love love love the shop! So cute.


There are a variety of roses, asters, calla lilies, hyacinths, whatever-the-plural-of-hibiscus-is (hibscuses? hibiscusii? hibiscu?), and you can purchase gift copies, too. These would be excellent housewarming gifts, by the way. The plants come potted, and Bruce also sells pots individually, or you can re-pot your plant in your own container. The options are so fun:

  • you can set it so friends can water your plant for you (handy)
  • you can check the water level, the development, the health, and the happiness of your plant :)
  • you can turn on IMs from the plant - it will IM you every 12 hours if it's unhappy (awww :( )
  • you can turn on particles for when the plant is happy :)
  • you can set the speed of growth, or pause it completely

So, I had to buy one and check it out. :) I picked up the Eleusis Roseus - which I renamed to Otis, for no specific reason other than because I could. I set it up in the house, then sat on the couch and worked on the club schedule for next week -- saw some pretty significant results over about 30-45 minutes.

plantpets_006.jpg plantpets_007.jpg

plantpets_009.jpg plantpets_010.jpg

See the happy particles? And finally, I sit back and enjoy the bloom. I paused the growth after this part because I had to leave, and I don't want to miss any of it!


I'll have to post updated pics as Otis continues to grow -- it's like having a puppy. :) Check out PlantPets here - so fun!